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Local 1840 Leads Save Treasure Lake Campaign
On August 27, 2014, the Department of Labor (DoL) announced that the Treasure Lake Job Corps Center was targeted for closure. The announcement caught the Treasure Lake community by surprise, and NFFE 1840 sprang into action to protect the facility that employs NFFE-IAM members. In an effort spearheaded by NFFE Local 1840 President, Lance Hamann, NFFE-IAM members quickly turned to the community to begin a campaign to save Treasure Lake.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Oct 3, 2014

A New Approach to Organizing Opportunities
Earlier this month, NFFE staff met with the NFFE National Executive Council (NEC) to conduct a yearly review of NFFE’s Membership Building and Strategic Plan (MBSP). Following an intensive review session that spanned three days, one of the most significant changes is an update to the methodology used to select organizing targets (geographical targets). The change includes a more collaborative process among Local leaders and NFFE staff to identify top recruitment opportunities around the county.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Sep 30, 2014

Choose FEEA for the CFC
As the Combined Federal Campaign season is once again upon us, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that FEEA – the Federal Employee Education & Assistance Fund – CFC #11185 is the official charity of NFFE. NFFE is one of the founding organizations that formed FEEA. I am proud to serve as the vice chair on FEEA’s Board of Directors. NFFE supports FEEA in a variety of ways and I personally contribute as well. I hope you will choose to pledge to FEEA #11185 in this year’s CFC.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Sep 29, 2014


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National President Dougan: "Today's Request for an Additional $615 Million to Battle Wildfires is Much-needed."
“Today’s request from the White House for an additional $615 million to battle wildfires is much-needed,” Dougan said. "This will also allow for land management agencies to go deeper into fire season without needing to use non-fire funds to pay for fire suppression as has happened too often in recent years. We cannot allow for federal land management agencies to be forced to focus on putting out budget fires at the expense of allowing wildfires to continue to rage across the country.”
Press Release  ·  Jul 8, 2014

National President Dougan: "Workplace Flexibility in the Federal Government Will Help Recruit and Retain Top Talent."
“It is encouraging to see President Obama recognize the importance of work-life balance. This presidential memorandum is a statement to every federal agency that Obama is serious about actually using workplace flexibilities. Because federal workers’ pay lags so far behind the private sector, the federal government needs workplace flexibilities to recruit and retain qualified workers. Some agencies currently embrace workplace flexibilities, but others still do not. We hope this presidential memorandum will change the business-as-usual attitude some agencies still hold about workplace flexibilities,” Dougan said.
Press Release  ·  Jun 25, 2014


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New Socrata Benchmarking Study Details Open Data Attitudes Across the U.S.
Study shows that open data is no longer just about transparency and good government. It's also about public trust, engagement, jobs creation and economic development.
News Item  ·  Govexec  ·  Oct 31, 2014_  right

One Agency's Short-Lived Idea to Have Its Employees Test a New Ebola Vaccine
News editors at VOA found volunteers, but BBG general counsel balked.
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House Republicans Can't Find Anyone to Sue the President
The silver lining? The two law firms ditched the case so quickly they didn't perform enough work to cost taxpayers any money.
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CDC to Award More Money to Fight Ebola
The $10 million grant will go to multiple recipients.
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