May 9-12, 2016

Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill
400 New Jersey Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20001
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As federal workers continue to be unfairly targeted by numerous misguided attempts to reduce the deficit, it is more critical than ever for NFFE members to participate in this year’s Legislative Conference. Legislation targeting federal employee pay, benefits, and job security have been proposed by countless members of the new 114th Congress, and we need your help to stop it.

Once each year, NFFE-IAM members gather for a week of rousing speeches by key leaders in Congress and labor, to discuss legislative strategies and spend time on Capitol Hill lobbying their elected officials. Over the years, hundreds of NFFE representatives, from Alaska to Puerto Rico and everywhere in between, have made the trip to Washington, DC to talk issues face-to-face with their representatives in Congress.

Lobbying elected officials is crucial in our efforts to improve the lives of federal workers across the country. In fact, it was the lobbying efforts of NFFE members and legislative staff that made the year 2009 one of the best ever for federal employees. Although the past four years have been dark times for the federal workforce, we can begin to reverse the tide by educating Congress on the essential services we provide the public every day. But we can't do it alone.


This year, we ask that you do your part to make a difference. Join us in Washington, DC for Legislative Conference! 

Members of NFFE's Forest Service Council gather on the U.S. Capitol Steps during Legislative Conference.