Federal Times, 6/6/14
Lawmakers, veteran groups, unions clash over VA's future
By Andy Medici, 6/6/14
Lawmakers Get Earful on Need for Far-reaching Firefighting Reform
By Anthony Kimery
Arizona Capitol Times, 6/6/14
Officials ask Congress for funds to train firefighters, fight wildfires
By Paulina Pineda
Washington Post, 5/20/14
Report: weakened workforce could ‘overwhelm government’s capacity
By Joe Davidson
Federal Times, 5/8/14
House committee rejects new BRAC round
By Andy Medici
Government Executive, 4/15/14
Commentary: Why HUD Is Far From Turning Around
By Liz McDargh
Washington Post, 4/3/14
Report on civil service reform includes controversial recommendations
By Joe Davidson
Seattle Times, 3/31/14
Forest Service’s law enforcers give management low marks
By Kyung M. Song
Washington Post, 3/30/14
Democrats ask GAO to study ‘root causes’ of federal employees’ low morale
By Joe Davidson
Baltimore Sun, 3/30/14
Federal cuts pinch Marylanders' income
By Jamie Smith Hopkins
Federal News Radio, 3/19/14
Unions hope new tools will help labor-management forums be more effective
By Jack Moore
Government Executive, 3/5/14
Fed Groups Offer Tepid Praise for Obama's Budget
By Eric Katz
Washington Post, 3/4/14
Obama’s plan for a 1 percent federal pay hike can survive even if his budget doesn’t
By Joe Davidson
FCW, 3/4/14
Budget eyes better training for senior executives
By Reid Davenport
Washington Post, 2/23/14
Federal Workers Hope for Relief in Obama's 2015 Budget
By Joe Davidson
Union Edge, 1/30/14
Interview with NFFE National President William Dougan
Federal Times, 1/29/14
Union chief: Extend contractor minimum wage to hourly employees
By Andy Medici
Washington Post, 1/29/14
Obama’s wage promise answers calls of growing movement
By Josh Hicks
McClatchy DC, 1/29/14
At Costco, Obama pitches minimum wage hike
By Anita Kumar
Washington Post, 1/26/14
Feds have high hopes, low expectations for Obama’s State of the Union address
By Joe Davidson
Washington Post, 1/12/14
Federal Diary: Blue-collar workers still seeking pay raise
By Joe Davidson
Federal News Radio, 1/8/14
Officials cite progress in labor-management forums
By Jack Moore
Federal Times, 1/6/14
OPM seeks to make tenure easier for feds
By Sean Reilly
Federal Times, 12/17/13
Federal 'pay gap' continues to grow, council finds
By Sean Reilly
Government Executive, 12/12/13
Mixed Reviews for Proposed Pension Contribution Hikes
By Eric Katz
Union Edge Radio, 12/11/13
NFFE President Bill Dougan
CNN Money, 12/10/13
Federal Workers Outraged by Pension Squeeze
By Jennifer Liberto
Federal News Radio, 12/10/2013
In Depth, Bill Dougan
Government Executive, 12/9/13
Federal Employee Unions Gain Members Post-Shutdown
By Eric Katz
The Baltimore Sun, 11/29/2013
Survey: Federal Workers Still willing to Put in Extra Effort as Job Satisfaction Drops
By Yvonne Wenger
FCW, 11/26/13
NFFE's Dougan on shutdowns, IT hiring
By Reid Davenport
Government Executive, 11/25/13
Virginia Senator: Don’t Target Feds in Deficit Reduction Deal
By Kellie Lunney
Washington Post, 10/26/13
Young workers souring on federal careers
By Emily Wax-Thibodeaux
The Federal Times, 10/24/13
Bill would open FEHBP to non-feds
By Sean Reilly
Bloomberg BNA, 10/18/2013
EPA Reopens After Shutdown Ends; Focus Moves to Budget Negotiations
By Patrick Ambrosio
BBC Radio, 10/17/2013
Liz McDargh, NFFE 1450
WTAQ, 10/16/2013
U.S. Government Workers Seek Loans, Welfare as Shutdown Takes Big Bite From Pay
By Gabriel Debenedetti and Cezary Podkul
CNN, 10/11/2013
Federal Workers' Bad Day: 40% Less in Paycheck
by Jennifer Liberto
The Monterey County Herald, 10/7/2013
Most back on job at NPS, Presido in wake of new interpretation of shutdown
by Phillip Molnar
The Federal Times, 10/7/2013
Shutdown Wreaks Havoc on Feds, 10/4/2013
Furloughs Added to Pay Freezes Cut Appeal of Federal Work
Moneynews, 10/4/2013
Furloughs Feed Federal Worker Insecurity Amid Pay Freezes
The Monterey County Herald, CA 10/3/2013
Federal Construction Grants Upset Some Furloughed Workers
CNN, 10/2/2013
Democrats, Republicans and the insane leap into the abyss

CNN, 10/2/2013
Government Shutdown: Americans Hurt as DC 'squabbles like kids'

CBS News, 10/2/2013
Government Shutdown: Is Congress acting selfishly?

The Washington Post, 10/1/2013
Shutdown hits the wallets and the spirits of federal employees

The Washington Post, 10/1/2013
Federal Labor Leaders Blast Shutdown

CNN, 10/1/2013
Shutdown 1st Day: Furloughs for many, some jobs are saved

Government Executive, 10/1/2013
Democrats, Unions Demand Complete Government Reopening and Back Pay

Fox 6 Milwaukee, 10/1/2013
On First Day of Government Shutdown, Many Furloughed

NBC-KETK Tyler, 10/1/2013
Shutdown May Force Me Into Bankruptcy: Federal Worker

The Los Angeles Times, 9/30/2013
As federal shutdown loomed, tourists and workers scrambled
Utah Standard-Examiner, 9/9/13
Groups Gather in Ogden to Honor, Mourn Fallen U.S. Firefighters
by Andreas Rivera
San Francisco Chronicle, 8/28/13
Yosemite fire, others feel federal budget squeeze
by Joe Garofoli, 8/28/13
The five factors fueling the Rim Fire
by Linday Abrams
CNNMoney, 8/27/13
California wildfires further strain federal budget
by Jen Liberto
Yahoo Finance, 8/27/13
California wildfires further strain federal budget

by Jen Liberto
Government Executive, 8/27/13
Reeling from Sequestration, Forest Service fights Rim Fire
by Eric Katz
Federal Daily, 8/26/13
Union calls for emergency funding for federal firefighting
by Webmaster
CNNMoney, 8/22,13
Furloughs cost me $142 per paycheck
by Jen Liberto
Federal Times, 8/23/13
Rampant wildfires squeeze Forest Service budget

by Sean Reilly
The Nation, 8/6/13
Did Scott Walker Really Go and Compare Himself to FDR?
by John Nichols
Federal Daily, 7/25/13
Union reacts to House move to stop furloughs

by Webmaster
Federal Times, 7/17/13
Labor groups seek support for furlough-related amendments
by Sean Reilly
Federal New Radio, 7/17/13
Friday Federal Headlines: Union Supports Amendment to End Defense Furloughs
by Webmaster
Federal Daily, 7/17/13
Union: Exempt DoD Working Capital Fund Employees
by FedDaily Staff
Washington Post, 7/17/13
DOD furloughs workers not paid through budget funds
by Joe Davidson
Stars and Stripes, 7/12/13
DOD comptroller defends furloughs for 'working capital' employees

by Chris Carroll
Washington Business Journal, 7/8/13
85 percent of DoD workforce furloughed today

by Webmaster
Federal Computer Weekly, 7/8/13
DoD furloughs begin as Pentagon looks to 2014

by Amber Corrin
Hearst Television Network, 7/8/13
DoD Furloughs Begin
by Nikole Killion
NBC Channel 48 AL, 7/8/13
Redstone unions try new push to undo furloughs

by Charles Molineaux
New York Times, 7/8/13
In Congress, Gridlock and Harsh Consequences
by Johnathan Weisman
Bloomberg, 7/8/13
Pentagon furloughs hit bases from pharmacy to repairs

by Tony Capaccio and Gopal Ratnam
Federal Times, 7/8/13
DoD furloughs to take toll on productivity, employee pay

by Sean Reilly
DCist, 7/8/13
Furloughs for 650K Pentagon civilian employees begin today

by Benjamin Freed, 7/7/13
Unions turns up the heat on lawmakers as furlough week arrives
by Leada Gore
CNNMoney, 7/7/13
650,000 Defense employees start furloughs Monday

by Jennifer Liberto
Spokane Spokesman Review, 7/6/13
Letter to the Editor: Poor Pay for Hotshots

by NFFE FSC VP Ron Angel
FedScoop, 7/5/13
Despite ongoing disputes, Pentagon furloughs take effect
by Cory Bennet
Federal News Radio, 7/5/13
Another furlough Friday, relief possible for some
by Melissa Dawkins
Federal Daily, 7/3/13
Coalition ramps up letter-writing to oppose DoD furloughs
by Webmaster
Federal News Radio, 7/2/13
President Dougan Talks Fighting DoD Furloughs on  In Depth with Francis Rose

by Francis Rose
KTBS Channel 3, 7/2/13
RRAD employees bracing for unpaid furloughs
by Julie Parr
WUSA Channel 9 DC, 7/2/13
Federal Workers Fight Cuts
Jessica Doyle
Federal Times, 7/2/13
DoD warns against using contractors to replace furloughed civilians

by Sean Reilly
CNBC, 7/1/13
U.S. fights growing wildfire threat with shrinking budget
by Daniel Trotta
Chicago Tribune, 7/1/13
U.S. fights growing wildfire threat with shrinking budget
by Daniel Trotta
Reuters, 7/1/13
U.S. fights growing wildfire threat with shrinking budget
by Daniel Trotta
Yahoo!, 7/1/13
U.S. fights growing wildfire threat with shrinking budget
by Daniel Trotta
Washington Post, 7/1/13
Federal worker unions make push to stop furloughs
by Josh Hicks
Federal Daily, 7/1/13
Labor coalition will campaign against DoD furloughs

by Webmaster
Government Executive, 6/26/13
DOMA ruling allows feds to share benefits with same-sex spouses
by Eric Katz
CNNMoney, 6/18/13
Federal housing offices to close in worst foreclosure areas
by Jennifer Liberto, 6/18/13
Federal housing offices to close in worst foreclosure areas
by Jennifer Liberto, 6/14/13
Retirements could trim federal workforce
by John Morgan
Washington Post, 6/14/13
Fallout from recent controversies hurts federal workers
by Joe Davidson
CNNMoney, 6/13/13
Wave of Federal Retirees to Hit Government
by Jennifer Liberto