National President Dougan Talks Federal Jobs, Pay with News Channel 8’s Capital Insider

Thursday, April 12, 2012

(National Federation of Federal Employees)

Wednesday, NFFE National President William R. Dougan joined Washington, D.C. News Channel 8’s Morris Jones to discuss House Republican Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s FY 2013 budget proposal.


As NFFE reported last week, the Ryan budget proposes $368 billion in federal workforce cuts by freezing pay another three years, cutting 200,000 jobs, and increasing the amount employees contribute toward their pensions.


Click Here to Watch President Dougan Take on the Ryan Budget on Capital Insider





Stephen C. Austin, Sr.   04/14/12 4:42 pm
Is Mr. Ryan going to freeze his pay and cut his job ?

Ben Hankins   04/13/12 1:40 pm
Setting the Example-Taking the Lead
Perhaps Mr. Dougan should ask Congressional Leaders when they're going to put their retirement program and health care benefits plan into Social Security

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