Federal Salary Council Finds Big Jump as Public-Private Pay Gap Hits 34.6%

Thursday, October 25, 2012

(National Federation of Federal Employees)

The Federal Salary Council (FSC) recently announced findings from its annual report on the public-private pay gap, and the numbers are eye popping.


In the matter of just one year, the private sector pay premium shot up from 26.3% to 34.6%. For federal employees working comparable jobs to these private sector workers, this means that they are underpaid by nearly 35%.


Much of the increase in federal pay gaps in recent years has been attributed to the two-year federal pay freeze, changes in the FSC’s methodology, and private sector wage growth. These factors combined have led to a nearly 10% increase in the gap over the past two years, another bitter pill for federal employees struggling to make ends meet.


“This report just underscores what we have already known for years – federal employees are hurting,” said NFFE National President Dougan. “Federal workers are falling further and further behind with each passing day, and that is unacceptable. Congress and the President must work together to pass a fair pay increase and put an end to the suffering.”


The results of this pay decline can be seen clear as day in aid organizations such as the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund (FEEA). Over the last several years FEEA has seen a marked increase in federal workers requesting emergency aid. For every dollar FEEA receives in donations, four dollars have gone out the door to help thousands of federal employees.


All the while, conservatives in Congress and right-wing think tanks perpetuate myths that federal workers are overpaid. Unfortunately, many in America believe this as well. If we are to deliver the relief federal employees need, we need to change the mindset in Congress and the public. We do this by talking to our neighbors about our work, and showing up to vote on November 6th.


Learn how to do your part at the Legislative Action Center.



Alan   10/28/12 10:09 am
My Wage
I am a Federal employee. My wage is 35% below what my private sector counterparts make. But I wonder? I am a WG-3. is a WG-13 also 35% below their private sector counterparts? It's easy to lump it all together and get big numbers, but am I just another victim of the 1%? I would like to see some proof that Federal upper management has the same disparity. I have never recieved a big cash award!!! Unless you count the $20 dollar gift certificate that I get working as a volunteer and can only spend at the admin lobby gift shop. My contribution to the FS in the past three yrs. saved the FS $100,000. I make 16k as a seasonal.

Junyong ZHU   10/27/12 6:04 pm
Federal employee pay is fallin behind
Federal government are continuing to loss highly productive work force, resulting in a decresed performace of the organization.

An anual increase of 4% is needed to reverse this trend

les   10/26/12 4:17 pm
wage grade
I have not got a step increase in over ten years, the cost of living increase does nothing to keep up with the cost of living, my wage grade is over three dollars less if I was a GS pay grade, we are the ones that are hurting!

sofabear   10/26/12 2:52 pm
makes me wonder why the Fed unions endorse the current admin if they really are looking out for OUR best interest instead of theirs.

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