Vote to Freeze Federal Pay through 2013 Delayed by House Leadership

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

(National Federation of Federal Employees)

Late Friday afternoon, House Republican leadership backtracked on its plans to hold a vote on a federal pay freeze this week. Due to intense pressure from federal employees and their union representatives, the measure has since been removed from the legislative calendar indefinitely.


The measure, H.R. 273, seeks to extend the two-year federal pay freeze through 2013, leaving federal employees without a pay adjustment from 2011-2014. Though Republican leaders intend to bring the vote to the floor at some point in the future, no hard date has been set.


“While this is short-term victory for federal workers who have already given over $100 billion in deficit reduction, the threat to federal workers’ pay and benefits remains very serious,” said NFFE Legislative Director Randy Erwin.  “We expect Rep. Ron DeSantis – the primary sponsor of H.R. 273 – and many House Republicans to be pushing for floor action on the pay freeze legislation and other bills targeting federal employees pay and benefits in the very near future.  We cannot afford to let our guard down for a single moment.  We must continue to remind Congress that federal employees have already done more than their fair share toward deficit reduction.  It’s time for Congress to look elsewhere for cuts.”



John   01/29/13 8:48 am
You need to remember this isn't just a pay freeze on lawmakers. It is a pay freeze on ALL federal workers. I work for the US Forest Service as a wildlife biologist and my pay has also been frozen for the past two years, but I am expected to due more each year with a budget that shrinks every year. But I know, who cares, everyone hates the government. Blame us all, even the ones who don"t make policy.

dianna   01/28/13 1:14 pm
pay raise
I understand why most people don't think Government Employee (GE) should get raises. The person stating that for the same job GE get the same or better pay for the same jobs that private industry gets, that is not true. GE get paid less than private industry does. so they already take a hit. We do have benifits but we also pay for those unless you are in congress or the president. Congress and the Presisent do not pay for health insurance, they also don't have to use Obamacare. Congress does not pay into retirement we could cut a lot of the budget if Congress and the President had to use Social Security (SS) just like the rest of the US. Other GE pay into a retirement fund and also pay for their health insurance and although they have no getting pay raises the cost of insurance and retirment fund has gone up.

I also wonder why the President and Congress can give themselves a raise without the approval of those they work for. Are we not their supervisors? Should we be the ones do determine if they are doing well enough in their jobs to deserve a raise?

I don't think we can take money away from the elderly, the military, or VA. Our military work hard for us and deserve more then they get now for putting their lives at risk.

I realize that my opition is not going to be popular but think about how much money we could save by stopping retirement to congress and make them use SS. Did you know they get this retirement after only 1 year of being in Washington DC and not having to serve any more time?

Kate Rolfsen   01/28/13 12:56 pm
RE: Bunch of Usless Bureaucrats
I will agree that the government offers some of the best benefit packages, but there are other companies/industries that are better. While your home count may provide perks like a take home vehicle, most do not. Those employees that have government vehicles must include that as taxable income. Additionally, those employees face suspension or removal if they willfully use the vehicle for other than official purposes. Some government jobs may pay more than the private sector, but those are by no means the majority. A fair portion of government jobs pay barely above the poverty level. I started out with that type job and have people in my office doing it now. Example �¢ï¿½ï¿½ poverty guidelines for a family of four is $23,050. A GS-4 starts out at $24,528 and GS-5 at $27,431. As for spending, every day government workers have no more say in the matter than private sector employees. It is unfair for Congress to deny standard cost of living increases to employees and seniors, especially when they vote to raise their pay and award bonuses to their staff. Every office I've ever worked in is full of dedicate people diligently trying to serve the public. Furthermore, we are being asked to do more, by increased production or job duties, with less. My bargaining unit members are stressed to an unhealthy level, but we come in every day and try to do our jobs with integrity to serve our country and its people..

Bob   01/23/13 8:11 pm
They'll give us a mediocre 0.5 percent raise, then take it back, and then some, with the 30 day furloughs sequestration will bring. Entitlements is where the problem is, fix it. Don't demonize the federal employees and make them take the brunt of the cuts to keep entitlements afloat. You can only get so much blood out of a grape. Here's my plan to cut entitlement payments (Social Security, VA Disability, Civilian and Military Retirements, Congressional retirements, anyone receiving an entiltlement check from the US government, sum total of all) so maybe they can be saved for us all to still enjoy one day: the first $1000, no reduction; amounts between $1001-2000, 10 percent reduction; amounts between $2001-3000, 20 percent reduction; amounts between $3001-4000, 30 percent reduction; $4001-$5000, 40 percent reduction; amounts $5000-9999, 50 percent reduction; amounts $10,000 or greater, 75 percent reduction.

Mark Chaffin   01/23/13 7:16 pm
Bunch of Usless Bureacraps
I don't feel anyone working in ANY gov't agency Federal, State, County, City or any others I may have forgotten should receive a pay increase, period. The Gov't jobs are paying as much and in most cases more than the private sector jobs of equal job descriptions. The gov't offers some of the best benefit packages available, as well as percs like,take home vehichles here in my home county- ALL on the taxpayers dime. I believe wages should be frozen for ALL gov't employees until such time that the gov't spending and taxes are brought back in line.

Wayne Donnelly   01/22/13 8:25 pm
Sliding Scale
Their pay should all be on a sliding scale. They get the rate of pay based on hours at work and work accomplished. Otherwise NO Pay

Eileen   01/22/13 2:48 pm
It would be a great world with no wars, but what do we do when WE are attacked?

Dorothy   01/22/13 2:29 pm
Cut defense spending , no more wars

Eleanor Earley   01/22/13 2:10 pm
Freeze your pay until you accomplish something like doing for seniors, poor, middle class people. You are all rich compared to these people who either aren't surviving or barely surviving. These people also elected you to office but you have thrown them aside.

carol west   01/22/13 2:00 pm
we don't get a raise like that it is time to put a freeze on their wages us people that lives on social security can barely make it and the bills just keeps coming and we don't even get food stamps because we make to much money our state doesn't count what is going out just what is coming in and with all the medical bills we may have to file for bankruptcy ....

Joe Mihm   01/22/13 1:52 pm
Pay them!
Give them a raise! We need them to do their jobs well!You get what you payfor.

Joyce Tindle   01/22/13 1:51 pm
No comment just do it

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