Meet the New NEC: Delegates Elect New National Executive Council at the 49th NFFE National Convention

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Contact: Cory Bythrow, Communications Director

Phone: (202) 255-9950


Portland, OR –The National Federation of Federal Employees, a national union representing 110,000 federal employees in 40 separate departments and agencies government-wide, is privileged to announce the election of its new National Executive Council, the union’s governing body consisting of the National President, National Secretary-Treasurer, and seven National Vice Presidents.


Running unopposed, the delegates by acclimation elected National President William R. Dougan and National-Secretary Treasurer William D. Fenaughty to serve their first full terms in office. Both Dougan and Fenaughty assumed office following the untimely passing of long-time NFFE National President Richard N. Brown in June of 2009.


Since that time Dougan and Fenughty have taken leadership roles on several governmental and non-governmental bodies, such as the National Council on Federal Labor Management Relations, the Federal Prevailing Rate Advisory Committee, Federal Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health, the Federal Workers Alliance, and the United Defense Workers Coalition, among others. With an emphasis on building stronger relationships both within the labor movement and between unions and management, Dougan and Fenaughty look to usher in an era of greater cooperation throughout government.


As leaders, Dougan and Fenaughty have committed significant resources to bolster the union’s recruitment and communications infrastructure, adding staff and investing in new technologies to engage current and potential members. Going forward, they pledge to utilize these new strengths in their bid to protect federal workers from the looming threats of sequestration, hiring freezes, and compensation cuts.


“It is an honor to be elected to serve my union brothers and sisters for another four years,” said Dougan. “In such difficult times for federal workers, it is important that your leadership not sit on its hands, but roll up its sleeves. We are building a union that is growing in the face of decline, winning on Capitol Hill in the face of a determined opposition, and speaking forcefully in your defense when few else have the courage to do so. We are resolute in the righteousness of our cause, and nothing will stop us from achieving the ideals of our founders. We have been down before, but we are coming back as strong as ever. With your help, we cannot be denied. Do your part to grow this great union. Join us, and let our brightest days lay ahead.”


For the office of National Vice President, the following candidates were elected: Robert Arnold, U.S. Passport Service; Mark Davis, U.S. Forest Service (retired); Patricia La Sala, Department of Veteran’s Affairs; Elizabeth McDargh, Department of Housing and Urban Development; John R. Obst, U.S. Forest Service (retired); Timothy Ostrowski, Department of the Army; Eric Plimmer, U.S. Forest Service.


Congratulations to all of our newly elected and re-elected officers.

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