Coalition of 20 Federal Unions Says Feds Have “Already Done More than Their Part” in Letter to Congressional Leadership

Monday, November 26, 2012

Contact: William R. Dougan, Chairman
Phone: (202) 216-4458

Washington, D.C. – The Federal Workers Alliance, a coalition of 20 unions collectively representing over 300,000 federal workers government-wide, penned a letter to House and Senate leadership today urging the exclusion of federal employees from further cuts to pay and benefits as part of the ongoing fiscal cliff negotiations. Sacrificing over $100 billion in lost pay and benefits the past several years, federal employees have done their part and the time for shared sacrifice has come.


“While the FWA is in agreement that Congress must act to defuse the doomsday device of sequestration, we urge you to do so without any further impact on federal employees,” the letter reads. “To date the federal workforce has given $103 billion back to the US treasury.  That equates to an average of $50,000 in compensation per federal employee over ten years – a huge sacrifice for any worker to have to incur.”




“Considering that no other group has yet to give anything toward reducing our debt we believe that federal workers have already more than done their part.  Federal workers have not only answered the call to public service, but their individual sacrifices have been significant.  For example, under the current two-year federal pay freeze a federal worker earning an annual salary of $40k will experience a $16,500 cumulative pay cut over the next decade, and a $37k pay cut over 20 years.  If this pay freeze were extended 3 years, through 2013, the 20 year loss would increase to $54,840.  These numbers more than reflect the fact that federal workers have stepped up to the plate.”


The letter also reminds Congress that more is at stake than federal pay and benefits. Further cuts to federal budgets and employee compensation would diminish the government’s ability to deliver vital services.


“Every day federal employees provide essential services to the American people, including ensuring the safety of air travel and our food, curing diseases, caring for our soldiers and veterans, protecting our borders, and bringing criminals to justice. The ability to recruit and retain the talented employees necessary to fulfill these critical missions will be further threatened by more reductions in federal employee pay and pension compensation.”


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The Federal Workers Alliance is a coalition of 20 labor unions, collectively representing over 300,000 federal workers government-wide and more than 9 million workers in all sectors of employment. For more information, go to


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