National President Dougan Sounds Off on House Passage of Federal Pay Freeze Extension

Friday, February 15, 2013


Contact: Cory Bythrow, Communications Director

Phone: (202) 216-4458


Washington, D.C. – In response to the House of Representatives passage of H.R. 273, a bill to extend the federal pay freeze through 2013, NFFE National President William R. Dougan issued the following statement.


“What happened on Capitol Hill this morning was politics at its worst. Rather than approve a modest 0.5% pay adjustment for millions of middle class federal employees, the House chose to make a cheap political statement.


This vote was not about controlling spending. After two years of frozen pay, slashed budgets, and increased pension costs, it was about delivering critical relief to our federal workers. By every measure, Congress failed to deliver on that today.


The Republican leadership who championed this bill should be ashamed for tying a Congressional pay increase to a federal workers pay increase. Even members of their own caucus called it a ‘political stunt.’ Members of Congress didn’t ask for a pay increase, and most certainly didn’t ask for a third year of frozen pay for their federal employee constituents. But rather than separate the two issues, they rolled them into one bill, forcing members to freeze their own constituents pay for another year.


It is precisely these kind of political games that got our government into the mess it’s in, and nothing will change until we stand up and demand better from our elected officials. When millions of Americans livelihoods are at stake, as they were this morning, we deserve better than what we’ve been getting.”


Dennis   02/19/13 8:13 am
Glad to see that there wasn't any mention of a party in any comments. Anyone who wants to blindly follow a party these days because their party "has all the answers" is what is wrong with the government. Neither party is interested in doing the right thing, unless the right thing is to get elected/re-elected. Maybe we should create 535 vacancies on Capitol Hill in 2014 to send a message??

Mark   02/15/13 9:49 pm
The Republicans are simply being themselves. They have always bashed public sector workers, whether federal, state or local. I work in the federal sector, and eighty percent of my coworkers have a college degree, with half of those being a Masters or higher. There is not one private sector manufacturer or service industry with even close to that percentage of education level present in their workforce in my area. Comparing federal workers pay to general pay in an area is an apples to oranges comparison.

Eric   02/15/13 8:31 pm
Going Down
Cost of living keeps going up faster and faster and yet my paycheck keeps going down, faster and faster (with taxes and Obama-care). What to do...? It's easy, when you make over six figures a year, to sit back and say "I don't need any more money, I'll take a pay freeze". Pay that same person $50k/yr and see how they react. I bet they have a quick change of heart. They need to think outside their box and realize they are hurting families everywhere!!

John   02/15/13 5:54 pm
Thank your Congressman.
How long do they expect us to put up with this. Its been 2 years. Since then additional bugetary cutbacks have left vacated positions unfilled forcing those of us that are left to do the workload of 3 people. In the mean time social security taxes have gone up and cost of living has gone up. A half of a percent would be pitence for what we desrve for the sacrifices we make but at least it was something. But NO. Nothing for us. Thank you Congress.

Ed   02/15/13 4:56 pm
Interagency Dispatch Coordinator for Wild Land Fires
I Agree with 02/15/13 4:11 pm Maybe they should cut there pay in half and give up there medical and pay for there medical like we have to do. They should also change the laws for there benefits and have to serve for twenty years to get there pension. No more free ride for them.

Gangumn Style   02/15/13 4:23 pm
Sick of this song!
Same old song a dance from our congress, while everything goes up in price federal workers and citizens making minimum wage suffer! Gas, insurance, medications, food, clothes, everything we buy continues to increase!

Dee   02/15/13 4:19 pm
Daniel- Yes. That's exactly what the article states. I am not at all surprised to hear that people have the impression federal workers are overpaid. It's a common misconception, in spite of years of market surveys supporting the need for locality pay to be competitive and attract talent. Govt workers are easy scapegoats or hostages to the politcs of America, and rarely appreciated for their sacrifice and service.

Lars   02/15/13 4:15 pm
Switching Fast!
I used to be a Republican...

dot   02/15/13 4:11 pm
Maybe they should cut there pay in half and give up there medical and pay for there medical like we have to do. They should also change the laws for there benefits and have to serve for twenty years to get there pension. No more free ride for them.

Racqel   02/15/13 4:02 pm
darn shame!
I am a GS13 making 103K. I am single w/o kids so I don't complain because I will be fine. I feel bad for those who make much less and have to support a family. Its a shame!

Amy   02/15/13 3:53 pm
Fed Up
Congress does not care about U.S. or the people, and especially the federal constituents. They are selfish, spoiled, immature children hijacking adult jobs and careers, wreaking havoc on our economy, and our society. They are a disgrace and a major embarrassment to our allies and enemies alike. They all need to be impeached! This is supposed to be a Democracy, not Tyranny!

Jim   02/15/13 3:40 pm
I'm fine with the pay freeze. Nobody is forcing me to work for the government.

rose   02/15/13 3:29 pm
As a Va nurse working as a PACT Care Coordinator in this new initative for providing care to our Veterans, I am on several days forced or obliged by lack of sufficent staff to perform the duties of 3 care coordinators, and have willingly done so in a very pleasant and compassionate manner ensuring that I provide the very best care to our Veterans. However the lack of compassion and consideration of this senate is atrocious and they all need to go home and stop messing up things. We have a good President who should be supported.

Amy   02/15/13 3:28 pm
I'm here doing my job 40 hours a week and producing results. Just because Congress is inept and unable to do the same, myself and fellow civil servants pay the consequences. As the old saying goes, a few bad apples spoil the bunch and that is what Congress is!

Veronica   02/15/13 3:21 pm
Trying to make ends meet - yet again!

Brad   02/15/13 3:20 pm
Read a story today in FedSmith that says people in Washington think that Federal Workers are paid more than their private sector counterparts. Baffling?????

Daniel Hewitt   02/15/13 1:17 pm
I would like to know if congress has to take the same pay freeze?

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