Federal Legislative Issues



Wildland Firefighting
Press Release: NFFE Offers Testimony for Hearing on Wildland Firefighting Workforce Reforms
Press Release: Union Backs Critical Legislation to Improve Pay, Benefits, and Support Programs for Wildland Firefighters
News Story: President Biden Visits West Coast Amid “Code Red” Wildfire Crisis
Press Release: NFFE Applauds Agencies for Implementing White House Pay Initiatives, Raising Federal Firefighter Pay to At Least $15 an Hour
Press Release: NFFE Engages with the Biden-Harris Administration on Improvements to Wildland Firefighter Pay, Benefits, and Work-Life Balance
Press Release: Nation’s Oldest Federal Employee Union Praises President Biden’s Actions to Address Low Wildland Firefighter Pay and the Growing Wildfire Threat
News Story: NFFE Protects Wildland Firefighter Boot Stipend
News Story: NFFE Applauds Bipartisan GAO Study of Federal Wildland Firefighting Pay and Career Paths

Official Time
Talking Points: Official Time
Q & A: Official Time
White Paper: "Official Time is in the Public Interest"

Public-Private Pay Gap
News Story: Widening Pay Gap

Veterans Affairs
News Story: NFFE Wins Favorable Settlement with the Department of Veterans Affairs Reversing Dangerous Policies that Limited Employee Input

Retirement Security
Press Release: NFFE Hails Bipartisan Fed Retirement Fairness Act, Providing Long Overdue Retirement Security for Former Temporary and Seasonal Federal Employees
Talking Points: Federal Employee Retirement Security

FAA Air Traffic Control Privatization
News Story: NFFE & IAM Unified in Opposition to Breaking Up FAA Technical Center in New Jersey
Position Paper: Oppose ATC Privatization

Federal Workforce Reduction
Talking Points: Federal Workforce Reduction
Press Release: DoD Changes in RIF Procedures

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