Federal Legislative Issues



Official Time
Position Paper: HR 1364 Official Time Reform Act

Talking Points: Official Time
Q & A: Official Time
White Paper: "Official Time is in the Public Interest"

Federal Pay
Position Paper: FAIR Act
Talking Points: Federal Employee Pay
FWG Pay System Fix 116th Congress
Why WG Pay is Outdated and Unfair

Public-Private Pay Gap
News Story: Widening Pay Gap

Retirement Security
Talking Points: Federal Employee Retirement Security

FAA Air Traffic Control Privatization
Position Paper: Oppose ATC Privatization

First Responder "6c" Retirement Security
2019 NFFE First Responder 6c Retirement Position Paper
White Paper: "Broken Promises, Injured Firefighters"

Federal Workforce Reduction
Talking Points: Federal Workforce Reduction
Press Release: DoD Changes in RIF Procedures

Paid Parental Leave
Position Paper: H.R. 1022 Paid Parental Leave

Letter to the House: H.R. 1461 (Federal Workers Alliance - NFFE Co-Chair) 
Press Release: Veterans Are Not Political Pawns
Press Release: Federal Union Responds to VA Accountability Bill

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