A Memorial Day Message from the NFFE Military Veterans Committee


On behalf of the NFFE Military Veterans Committee, Chairman Dave Chevalier offers the following Memorial Day message for all of our Veterans, their families and friends, as well as all our BUEs:

Memorial Day came into recognition after the U.S. Civil War. Originally called Decoration Day by those first noble few folks who went forth to decorate thousands of the graves of fallen Civil War soldiers, it is a day of solemn remembrance for those who have died in service to our country, a time to honor and consider the sacrifices of those who gave their lives in America’s name.

If you’ve seen them before, the statistics our nation has kept from 1775 to present seem inconceivable… 1,321,612 dead. That figure might astound some, but the gravestones and unmarked graves in city, county and state graveyards, as well as those scattered around this planet, from Arlington to Normandy, the Philippines to Mexico City, and Tunisia to a small cemetery for US “Flying Tigers” found in Southwest China, there’s evidence that American soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen gave the full measure for our country.

We also recognize and respect those survivors who gave up their health in defense of this nation, and are still struggling with war’s ravages every day. The same statistics recorded from 1775 to present time frame shows 1,531,036 to date have come home injured, suffering, wounded.  For you Veterans who are still hurting, your sacrifices and pain are justly recognized and deservedly respected.  We honor you today, as well.

May we all find some peace, solace and offer appreciation in our own ways this Memorial Day weekend, as we pause, recognize and be grateful to all those who stood to take the brunt of war’s most terrible cost.