Defense Furlough Notices Delayed Two Weeks; Fewer Furlough Days a Possibility


Thursday, the Department of Defense (DoD) announced that it would be delaying the issuance of furlough notices to hundreds of thousands of civilian employees in response to questions over funding shifts in the latest continuing resolution.

Passed by the Senate and confirmed by the House late this week, the continuing resolution shifts funds among certain department accounts that could possibly alleviate some of the 22 planned furlough days. There is no indication yet that this is the case, but the Department felt it was necessary to perform this due diligence before sending anyone home from work. Notices are now expected to be issued on April 5th, meaning furloughs will likely begin no later than May 6th.

The move could backfire, however, if it is found that the reshuffled funding plan cannot accommodate fewer furlough days. If that is the case, DoD will be required to furlough workers for the full 22 days over a shorter period of time than originally planned. DoD confirmed on a conference call with labor leaders Friday morning that this could lead to one or two pay periods where an extra furlough day is required.

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