FEEA by the Numbers: Feds Helping Feds in Need


Did you know that half of all pledges to FEEA CFC #11185 stay where they’re donated? The Federal Employee Education & Assistance Fund depends on CFC pledges to fund the majority of its annual scholarship program and makes sure at least 50% of the money donated in each of FEEA’s 27 regions stays in the region to provide scholarships. Not only can you be sure your CFC donation is helping a federal family, but you can also be sure it’s helping someone right near where you live and work!

Thanks to those pledges to CFC #11185, FEEA awarded more than $450,000 in scholarships to 420 students across the country this year. Students competed by submitting detailed applications that include transcripts, recommendation letters, essays, and information about their school and community activities. Winners were chosen for their academic achievement and community service. You can read about some of the 2011-12 winners at http://www.feea.org/profiles.

Applications are available from January to March each year at http://www.feea.org/scholarships.

FEEA scholarships by the numbers…

457,000 = the dollar value of FEEA’s 2011 scholarships
420 = number of students who won
50% = the minimum amount of FEEA’s CFC donations that stay local for scholarships
$1 = all it takes for you to help
11185 = FEEA’s CFC #

FEEA loans by the numbers…

744 = the number federal employees receiving FEEA loans so far in 2011
610 = average loan amount
0 = interest rate on FEEA emergency loans
$1 = all it takes for you to help
11185 = FEEA’s CFC #

Learn more at http://www.feea.org/programs