From the Desk of the President: Quietly Making the Difference


More so than any Pubic Service Recognition Week I can remember, federal employees are feeling uncertain about what the future holds.

It seems like every week a new attack on their pay, benefits, or jobs emerges from the media and Capitol Hill, casting a dark shadow over their work lives. In this toxic environment anxiety, disillusion, and uncertainty – or some combination of the three – should logically rule the day.

But oddly enough, I have sensed a strong sense of optimism among our members. Although the road has been tough – even to the point where many felt like throwing in the towel – federal workers continue to show up to work every day proud to serve their country, quietly go doing the essential work our nation has come to expect from them.

Despite the pay freeze, retirement cuts, and budget tightening, these dedicated women and men have taken it all in stride, and carried on with their mission. They come to work every day to be stewards of our national parks and forests, to provide care for our veterans, and to find housing for the needy. They come to work every day to make sure terrorists don’t get passports, to ensure that our oceans, waterways, and skies are safe, and to see that our troops go to battle with the best support our nation can provide.

Federal employees come to work every day and make a difference – sometimes in the lives of millions, and sometimes in the life of just one. They are federal employees because there is a job to be done, and they are not just proud, but honored, to do it.

They are not asking for recognition – this week or any other week. All they ask for is the ability to serve their country.

So throughout this Public Service Recognition Week, let us honor the silent sacrifices that our nation’s civil servants make for all of us – every day. It is their selfless contributions that help keep our country great.

William R. Dougan
National President