Hone Your Representational Skills at the New NFFE Rep Center!


Let’s face it – being a union representative is a tough job. There is so much to learn but so little time to actually sit down and learn it. Now, NFFE National is proud to announce an all-new online resource that gives you the tools you need to get the job done – the NFFE Rep Center!

The NFFE Rep Center covers in-depth five major representational duties of a union leader: collective bargaining, contract and statutory enforcement (including grievances and ULPs), information requests, investigatory meetings and formal discussion, and representation elections and clarifications. Each section contains anywhere from 5-10 samples, models, and templates to guide you through the issue at hand. Each document was carefully selected to give you the best idea of how to accomplish the task at hand.

The Rep Center is particularly geared to newer representatives who are just starting to get their feet wet in union representation. For those who have yet to attend one of our federal basic programs at the Winpisinger Center, the Rep Center is a great starting point to build your representational chops. There are also plenty of useful resources for our more experienced reps to work with and learn from.

As with NFFE’s other toolkits, the Rep Center was designed to be a continual work-in-progress; if there is anything that you think would be helpful to include, just email NFFE Communications Director Cory Bythrow and we will consider adding it. Our goal is to make your job easier, and we are open to any and all suggestions.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the NFFE Rep. Center at www.nffe.org/repcenter today!