House Passes GOP Budget Resolution Targeting Federal Pay, Jobs, and Retirement


Thursday the House of Representative voted to approve an FY13 budget proposal containing a number of anti-federal worker provisions targeting pay, benefits, and jobs.

The budget resolution, introduced the Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI), passed by a mostly party-line vote of 228-191. As a resolution, the bill itself lacks the force of law, but nonetheless serves as an outline for Congress to use when making their budget appropriation decisions over the next several months. Included in this outline are provisions to freeze federal pay through 2015, slash 200,000 federal jobs over the next three years, and increase the amount federal employees contribute to their pensions.

“It is clear that certain members of Congress will never understand just how much federal employees have already sacrificed – and continued to sacrifice – to keep our country strong,” said Dougan. “You can’t get blood from a stone. Federal workers have given all that they have to give. The conversation in Washington should focus on how to thank federal workers for stepping up when their country needed them, not how to keep tearing them down.”

An alternative budget resolution, introduced by Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), lacked the anti-federal workers proposals that pervaded the Ryan proposal. Unfortunately, the Van Hollen measure was defeated when it failed to garner a majority of the House vote. Said NFFE Legislative Director Randy Erwin:

“I’m disappointed, but not surprised by the House actions on the budget resolution this week which completely threw federal workers under the bus. It’s a good thing Ryan’s budget won’t see the light of day in Senate this year. It’s scary to think what would happen if control of the Senate changes hands after elections this November, and guys like Ryan start calling the shots over there. These ridiculous proposals might actually become law. That’s a scary thought.”