It’s Not Too Early to Prepare for Legislative Conference 2013


Lobbying elected officials is critical in our efforts to improve the lives of federal workers across the country. With the NFFE National Office turning the wheels of power in Washington, D.C., our mission is to ensure that our elected leaders act in the best interest of federal workers and their families.

But we are not alone. Many other powerful voices are lobbying politicians on Capitol Hill every day – some that are hostile to the federal workforce. If we are to overcome the negative attitude toward federal workers on Capitol Hill, we all must join the fight for positive change.

This year, we ask that you do your part to make a difference by joining us May 13-16, 2013 for the IAMAW’s Legislative Conference here in Washington.

In addition to four days of lobbying your elected officials, attendees will hear rousing speeches from dozens of prominent members of Congress and the labor movement. Both at the Conference and on Capitol Hill, you can let your elected officials know exactly where federal employees stand on key issues like pay, benefits, and job security.

The reason to join is simple: if a member of Congress is never told about why federal employees are important, how would they know? We need you to come to Washington and tell them!

It’s not too soon to begin deciding on your legislative delegation and look into travel arrangements. Visit the Legislative Conference 2013 page on the NFFE website for more information on conference preparation as the date grows nearer.