Lobby Week 2011 Has Arrived; NFFE Members Bring Voice of Federal Workers to Capitol Hill


Lobby Week 2011 has arrived! This year, state and federal lawmakers have unfairly targeted federal workers and the middle class in what they call “deficit reduction measures.” Lobby Week has never been more critical for NFFE members due to attempts made by misguided lawmakers on Capitol Hill here in Washington and in our State Capitols nationwide. Lobbying has become crucial to improve and maintain the livelihoods of federal workers across the country from Alaska to Florida.

During Lobby Week this year we will hear rousing speeches from key leaders in Congress and from organized labor. Also, we will discuss legislative strategies and spend time on Capitol Hill lobbying members of Congress, both Republican and Democrat. As of late, organized labor has been gaining momentum and recent legislative victories show the power we have when we join together and speak out. Personally you may be strong, but together we are stronger and we will make a difference. Please come and join us here in Washington so our voice can be heard!

Here are NFFE’s position papers on the key issues impacting federal workers this year:

NFFE-IAM Opposes Bill to Undermine Federal Workers’ Retirement Security – S. 644

NFFE-IAM Opposes Bill to Reduce or Eliminate “Official Time” – H.R. 122

NFFE-IAM Opposes Federal Workforce Reduction Act – H.R. 657

NFFE-IAM Opposes Bill to Furlough Federal Workers – H.R. 270

NFFE-IAM Opposes Bill to Extend Federal Workers’ Probationary Periods – H.R. 1470

NFFE-IAM Supports Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act – H.R. 616

NFFE-IAM Supports the Social Security Fairness Act of 2011 – H.R. 1332/S. 113

NFFE-IAM Supports Collective Bargaining for VA Health Care Providers – H.R. 807/S. 572

NFFE-IAM Supports the Law Enforcement Officers Equity Act – H.R. 327

NFFE-IAM Supports the Federal Firefighter Pay Equity Act – H.R. 1068