Local 1340 Encourages Nature Conservation in Earth Day Celebration


Each year, the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) William J. Hughes Technical Center in Atlantic City, N.J. hosts an Earth Day celebration that allows employee organizations set up booths to commemorate the observance. The Earth Day observance is one of the year’s largest events at the FAA Center, with hundreds of FAA employees flooding the Center’s atrium, visiting with numerous employee and local organizations. This year, NFFE Local 1340 devised a creative strategy to attract employees of the Center, many of whom are a part of the Local’s bargaining unit, to engage with the Local members at their booth.

Local 1340’s Earth Day booth was spear-headed by Local 1340 Vice President Lana Haug. Haug, aided by a committee comprised of Local members Ricardo Astillero and LaBernice Riley-Johnson, was tasked with making Local 1340’s booth the talk of the Center. After discussing a few ideas, the committee decided to promote environmental sustainability by handing out Eastern White Pine saplings at the Local’s booth. However, the deciding on the sapling idea was just the tip of the iceberg in planning the event.

“When the idea to hand out the saplings was brought up, we were confident that we had a winning idea,” said Local 1340 Vice President Lana Haug. “However, we knew that there was plenty of work ahead of us so we reached out to the NFFE National Office to provide additional support at our booth. We knew coordination would only strengthen our event.”

In addition to the support provided from NFFE Nationals, Haug found tremendous support from Local 1340 President James Crawford. Crawford, the Local President who has shepherded Local 1340 from obscurity at the FAA Center to a blossoming Local, was dedicated to supporting Haug and the Earth Day Committee’s event in any way he could.

“The Earth Day Committee did a tremendous job in choosing an interesting idea for a booth as well as preparing for the event,” NFFE Local 1340 President James Crawford said. “And it was nice to see the support of the National Office as well, our coordinated efforts led to an incredibly successful event.”

Attached to each sapling was a message from Local 1340, individually affixed. The message read:

“The importance of a good root system is paramount for a strong and healthy tree, likewise your Union needs you as a member to gain strong support for your best interest. Plant this tree and witness its growth, join NFFE 1340 and help us help you.”

As a result of coordinated efforts by numerous Local members and officers, the Local’s Earth Day booth was a booming success. Local members assisting in the event found themselves handing out saplings at a steady pace throughout the day, along with plenty of information about the Local. The day resulted in lines of employees at the Local’s booth, 950 saplings handed out (with an additional 50 trees donated to a local school’s handicapped garden club) and numerous new members. Local 1340’s Earth Day booth was a great success and testament to the power of coordinated efforts.