Local 1998 Members Give Back with Food Drive to Benefit Underprivileged Families


Faced with relentless attacks on federal employees in the media and Congress, NFFE members from around the country are taking a pro-active approach to changing the public’s perception of the labor movement by organizing community service projects.

Earlier this month, stewards of Local 1998 at the Charleston Passport Office engaged agency to design a system for collecting food donations from all employees, members and non-members alike.

By the end of the collection period, the Charleston Passport Center was able to collect over two hundred pounds of food to be donated to the Low Country Food Bank and distributed to low-income families in the community. According to a thank you letter from the food bank, the food collected will provide 155 meals for underprivileged families in the area.

The success of Local 1998’s food drive was two-fold. Not only did the generosity of Charleston Passport Center’s employees benefit those in need, it also demonstrated the true essence of unionism – solidarity, especially in times of adversity.

Click Here to View the Food Bank’s Letter