Local 1998 VP Rob Arnold Appointed to Succeed Colin Walle as NFFE National Vice President


NFFE is proud to announce the selection of Rob Arnold as NFFE’s newest National Vice President (NVP). He will succeed Colin Walle, who has served as an NVP since his election at the 2008 NFFE National Convention. Walle recently left the Seattle Passport Agency for work in the Minneapolis Passport office, a job which is outside of the NFFE bargaining unit, but closer to his family.

Born in Florida but raised primarily in Alaska, Arnold currently resides in the Seattle, Washington area where he works as a Passport Specialist at the Seattle Passport Agency. For nearly 15 years he has been an active member of NFFE Local 1998, a national Local representing over 1200 Passport Service employees in 22 offices across the country.

As a member, Arnold has played a major role in the consistent organizing success that has made Local 1998 one of NFFE’s largest. As a Senior Steward, Secretary Treasurer, and later, Vice President, Arnold helped the Local grow from less than 100 members all the way to the 450 members it has today. Always modest and quick to credit others for a job well done, Arnold attributes the Local’s success to the dedicated officers, representatives and members around him:

“I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have Colin Walle and as a mentor throughout my union career,” said Arnold. “I was fortunate to follow in the footsteps of a [Local] Vice President, Mike Garafano, who was extremely organized and resourceful. Also, the bargaining unit we are a part of is tremendously active and sharp, so I’ve simply benefitted from swimming with the right school of fish.”

Though he will never boast about it, Arnold has been a big part of the Local’s success in recent years. He was a key figure in renegotiating the Passport Service’s National Agreement; he has advocated for employees in successful arbitrations, resolved numerous ULP’s, and lobbied Congressional leaders on issues impacting Passport Service employees nationwide.

“By any measure, Rob is a great addition to the NFFE leadership team,” said NFFE National President William R. Dougan. “I am fully confident that he will serve all NFFE members with the same diligence and vigor that made Local 1998 so successful.”

Dougan added,

“I would also like to thank Colin for his service to the union. He has dedicated so much of his time and energy over the years to making NFFE the best it can be. On behalf of myself and the National Executive Council, I wish him the best in his new home and position.”