Membership Building Strategic Plan Meeting at Winpisinger Center


Last week, NFFE National Staff and elected officers gathered at the William W. Winpisinger Educations and Technology Center to discuss revisions and modifications to the Membership Building and Strategic Plan (MBSP). The MBSP, formally established in 2012, aims to empower all NFFE-IAM members, Locals and Councils by providing the necessary tools to build membership.

Ever since the debut of the MBSP, the NFFE National Office and Leadership have continued to review the MBSP yearly and the yearly progress made by our 160 Locals in order to ensure that Locals have the skills and resources necessary to maintain and expand their Local union membership. Past organizing tools that have resulted from the MBSP review include the recruitment incentive program, the organizing grant program, and the monthly membership awards.

This year, new methods of organizing were discussed, as well as establishing strategic organizing targets. While details of new plans continue to be discussed, the collective group departed the Winpisinger Center with a clear focus on organizing, and a commitment to make recruitment and organizing new members NFFE’s number one priority.