National President Dougan Takes Fight to Stop Furloughs to the Television Airwaves


This morning, NFFE National President William R. Dougan sat down with DC WUSA Channel 9’s Jessica Doyle to talk about the importance of speaking up in opposition to the coming furloughs of most of the federal workforce.

In the interview, Dougan stressed federal workers’ first amendment right to contact their members of Congress and demand they put a stop to the looming cuts.

“Federal employees need to understand that they’re citizens just like every other citizen in this country, and they have the right to speak out and contact their congressmen on this issue, said Dougan. “Outside of work they have a basic right to make their concerns known to Congress.”


“We can’t afford to sit on the sidelines for this one – this is too important, not only to federal workers but to all citizens of this country,” said Dougan. “If sequestration kicks in, most federal employees will be furloughed and services will be cut.”

The full interview can be viewed by clicking the link or image below.

Click Here to View National President Dougan on WUSA Channel 9