New ‘Federal Employee’ Newsletter Now Available!


This year’s first edition of the National Federation of Federal Employees’ (NFFE) quarterly newsletter, the Federal Employee, is now available!

Featuring an in-depth look at Congress’ recent decision to cut $15 billion from federal pensions, NFFE examines other threats looming about your retirement security. Here is what’s inside:

  • NFFE President Dougan Joins President Obama in Oval Office for ‘Flags for Feds’ Bill Signing
  • Congress Targets Your Wallet with New Proposals to Freeze Step Increases, Reduce Workforce.
  • NFFE Will Not Let Congress Shortchange New Federal Workers
  • NFFE President Dougan Blasts Retirement Cuts in FY 2013 Budget Proposal
  • FEATURE: Congress Takes First Swipe at Federal Pensions
  • Survey Says: NFFE Supports Young Worker Initiative
  • Five Locals Win Free Trips to Washington, D.C. for Legislative Conference with 2011 Recruitment Awards
  • NFFE Locals Share Their Proudest Moments of 2011
  • NFFE Reaches Agreement on New VA Contract, Works Toward Training and Implementation
  • NFFE Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Collective Bargaining in the Federal Sector
  • On the Road with Liz Pittaluga
  • 49th NFFE National Convention Call Officially Released

Click Here to View the First Quarter 2012 Edition of the Federal Employee