New ‘Federal Employee’ Newsletter Now Available!


This year’s first edition of the National Federation of Federal Employees’ (NFFE) quarterly newsletter, the Federal Employee, is now available!

Featuring a detailed list of the latest anti-federal worker proposals to come out of Congress (furloughs anyone?), this edition focuses on what ordinary Americans can do to put a stop to it. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Obama to Request One Percent Pay Boost in 2014
  • One-Year Pay Freeze Extension Official as Lawmakers Abandon Federal Employees
  • Union Official Time Under Attack in Congress, Media
  • Legislative Conference 2013 is Right Around the Corner
  • NFFE-IAM Members Head to Capitol Hill to Fight for Jobs
  • FEATURE: Happy New Year? Politicians Ring In 2013 with Unprecedented Attacks on Federal Employees
  • NFFE-IAM Members Take Action with New Committees on Minority and Veterans’ Issues
  • Learn How to Become a Better Unionist at the William W. Winpisinger Center
  • ‘Young Federal Leaders’ Local Chapters Take Root Throughout the Country
  • Five Locals Recognized for 2012 Recruitment Success; Even More Opportunities Coming for Future Recognition
  • Show Your Union Pride with NFFE Visibility Materials!

Click Here to View First Quarter 2013 Edition of the Federal Employee