New ‘Federal Employee’ Newsletter Now Available!


This year’s first edition of NFFE’s quarterly newsletter, the Federal Employee, is now available! What’s Inside:

  • Federal Workers, Unions Defeat Republican’s Effort to Freeze Step Increases
  • Divisive Legislation to Eliminate Federal Pensions Introduced in Senate
  • NFFE Debuts ‘Legislative Action Center,’ a Critical Tool for Member Advocacy
  • Sorry, We’re Closed: Government Shutdowns and How They Impact your Job
  • Wisconsin, U.S.A.: The National Assault on Workers’ Rights and What You can do to Fight Back
  • Stop the Attacks: Join Us for Lobby Week 2011!
  • Dates and Location for NFFE’s 49th National Convention Now Available!
  • NFFE’s Top Organizers to Carry Their Message to Capitol Hill
  • Educational Opportunities for Federal Employees at the Winpisinger Center
  • On the Road with Gary Johanson
  • Enter Your Local Publications for the 2011 IAMAW Newsletter and Website Contest!

Click Here to View the 1st Quarter 2011 Edition of the Federal Employee