NFFE Helps Chart Path Forward at IAM Grand Lodge Convention


39th IAM Grand Lodge Convention in Chicago with an impassioned keynote address to the more than 1,200 delegates in attendance. Grand Lodge Convention brings together elected delegates from every corner of the United States and Canada, and from all of the industries IAM represents every four years. But Convention is far more than a gathering of IAM brothers and sisters—it is a time for delegates to outline the priorities and direction of the IAM for the years to come.

Aspirational, well-informed strategic planning is the key to success in any organization. And that is exactly what delegates at the Grand Lodge Convention have been tasked to do this week. Convention delegates were broken out into industry clusters to discuss challenges the Union faces as well as the opportunities presented to grow and strengthen the Machinists Union. 
For NFFE-IAM members in attendance, that meant working with other members from the IAM Government and Public Employees department. Representing NFFE at the IAM Grand Lodge Convention are NFFE National Secretary-Treasurer Randy Erwin, National Business Representative Steve Flory and Local 178 President Lisa Foust. Erwin, Flory and Foust worked with IAM members to produce a report outlining a strategic plan that included five key areas of focus: communications, organizing, legislative affairs, political engagement and Winpisinger Education.
The report was submitted to the International President on Wednesday.   
“I am proud of the work the Government and Public Employees Committee did this week at the IAM Grand Lodge Convention,” said NFFE National Secretary-Treasurer Randy Erwin. “The issues that federal employees face are often the same as public sector employees throughout the U.S. and Canada. It is fascinating to hear government and public sector workers from all over talk about the same kinds of threats they are facing to pay, retirement, workplace rights, and jobs. We must come together in Union to take on these fights together, and the work we did this week at the IAM Grand Lodge Convention will help us do that.”

Members of the Government & Public Employees Committee at the IAM Grand Lodge Convention