NFFE-IAM Members Take to Capitol Hill


This past week, Capitol Hill was swarmed by NFFE-IAM members from across the country in Washington, DC for the 2014 IAM Legislative Conference.

A range of speakers kicked off the 2014 IAM Legislative Conference in Washington, DC, all echoing the call to end sequestration, oppose pending trade agreements and increase the respect for federal employees.

The event was led by IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger, telling conference attendees that the time to hold Congress accountable was upon us. He reminded members of the importance of the upcoming midterm elections He also discussed the political implications of the coming midterm elections.

The conference also saw a slew of high-caliber speakers, including: Sens. Elizabeth Warren (MA), Tom Harkin (IA), Mark Heinrich (NM), Mark Begich (AK), Joe Donnelly (IN) and Maria Cantwell (WA). The Secretary of Labor, Thomas Perez, also provided remarks, noting that a recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows union members have median weekly earnings of $200 more than non-union members.

In addition to hearing from some of Washington, DC’s most prominent leaders, NFFE-IAM members took hundreds of meetings on Capitol Hill to educate their members of Congress on a host of issues facing federal employees. NFFE-IAM members were able to tell stories and put a face on the real impact of sequestration, furloughs and the government shutdown. All NFFE-IAM members, whether or not they attend Legislative Conference, are encouraged to make contact and work with their local members of Congress to advocate for issues facing to the federal workforce.

“Legislative Conference is a time of year where we remember how powerful NFFE-IAM members are,” said NFFE President Bill Dougan. “Legislative Conference is a time that we are able to come together with our NFFE-IAM brothers and sisters and hold Congress accountable. It is a chance for members to tell their story and humanize the federal workforce.”

For pictures from the week, be sure to watch the NFFE Facebook page and photo album. Pictures will be added shortly.