NFFE National Veterans Committee Sets Ambitious Course at First Meeting


Last week, the new NFFE National Veterans Committee held their first conference call to lay out plans for improving awareness and engagement on Veterans’ issues within the federal workforce. Led by interim-Chair David Chevalier, the committee boasts more than a dozen members from NFFE locals throughout the country.

As part of this new committee’s vision, members will strive to educate Veterans on employment and reemployment rights, publicize key veterans benefits, and improve networking between young and more “seasoned” Veterans. Through a mix of online communication and local outreach, the committee is dedicated to advocating for and improving the lives of our Veterans in the federal workforce.

But their work will not stop there. This promise will be kept not just within the federal sector, but out and into the broader workforce. At the initial meeting members agreed to engage lawmakers on Veterans hiring practices, addressing issues regarding housing for homeless veterans, advocating for our wounded Veterans, and making those returning home and back into the civilian workforce feel much more welcomed.

Though the tasks the committee faces are challenging, they are steadfast and passionate in their dedication for achieving positive change for Veterans:

“Unlike so many other categories under Federal EEO laws, Veterans are not a protected category. Discrimination, sometimes overt, our Veterans must endure in the hiring process and later in the workplace must not be tolerated. This committee will be committed to ensuring fair and equal treatment though union representation and advocacy for our Vets. Networking our combined talents, shared expertise and resources will truly benefit Veterans and their families.”

You can learn more about the NFFE Veterans Committee by contacting David Chevalier at

Special thanks goes out to all of committee members: Doug Baughman, David Chevalier, Antonio Chrestotholos, Dan Duefrene, Ladre Davis, Kenneth Einbinder, Joseph Gothard, Frank Love, Regina Mundell, Richard Mace, Judy Roberts, James Usher, Aaron Wilson, and Andrew Woodford.