NFFE Unveils New Roles for National Organizing Department in Updated Strategic Plan


As we revealed in May of this year, NFFE completed an update of its strategic plan for building membership. To better serve you the NFFE National Office has created a more streamlined experience when accessing resources through the NFFE National Organizing Department.

Under the old plan, NFFE had two national organizing coordinators who were responsible for satisfying the needs of Locals within a respective geographic territory. Now NFFE has two national organizing directors, each with responsibility for certain of areas of the Union’s organizing and recruiting operations.

National Organizing Director Cassie Bond ( will be responsible for tracking contact and recruitment data and analyzing it to inform the Union’s strategic decision making with regards to allocating resources. National Organizing Director Brittany Cardinal ( will be responsible for strategizing and attending recruitment drives in the field and training Locals on how to become better recruiters.

This, of course, is just a broad outline of what you can expect from NFFE’s National Organizing Department. For a detailed explanation of the new organizing department structure, please reference the image below.

There were also plenty of other helpful changes to the plan, which we handily summarize for you below. Take a look! 

$100 Recruitment Incentive Renewed:

The $100 recruitment incentive is back, meaning your Local is still eligible to receive $100 for every new member recruited. Simply submit the completed 1187 to the National Office along with an up-to-date bargaining unit list and your Local will be credited $100 for each new member. See the plan for details.

Seed Money Program to Finance Local Recruitment:

Want to hold a recruiting drive but don’t have the funds to do it? Now Locals can request assistance up front from the National Office to help pay for recruitment expenses. To apply, simply download the grant form from the Organizer’s Toolkit on the NFFE website, fill it out and submit it to Brittany Cardinal.

Improved Awards System for Top Performers:

You deserve to be recognized for your recruiting success. That’s why we’ve completely re-vamped our awards system to recognize recruiting excellence at Locals of all sizes, locations and means. You can win monthly, annual, and ongoing awards ranging from free trips to D.C. to visits from NFFE’s National President.

Click Here to Read the Membership Building Strategic Plan!