NFFE’s Young Federal Leaders Initiative Ready for Action with New Strategic Plan


There’s no question that NFFE’s Young Federal Leaders (YFL) initiative is gathering steam. At locals throughout the country, YFL materials are starting to make their way onto local bulletin boards, websites, and social media pages. At the national level, the YFL National Committee has grown to over 15 members from four separate departments and agencies.

With momentum firmly on their side, the YFL National Committee is proud to announce the digital release of its first ever strategic plan. The plan seeks to communicate both the scope and aim of our union’s young worker program and provide guidance and instruction for union leaders and young workers who are eager to cultivate this program at the local level.

NFFE National President William R. Dougan, a vigorous supporter of our union’s young workers and the Young Federal Leaders initiative, knows it will take our members’ steadfast commitment to this program for it to reach its full potential:

“The NFFE National Office cannot ensure the success of this program alone; it will take the guidance and hard work of every member, every local, every council, and every union leader. We stand ready to assist our brothers and sisters in any way we can to help cultivate the next generation of NFFE leaders.”

If you are ready to take the next steps, please visit and learn what the program has to offer. Getting invlolved is easy. Just contact NFFE Special Assistant to the President Amy Burns at and tell her “I want in!”