NSPS Transition Ahead of Schedule; Majority to be in Existing Pay Systems by End of 2010


This week, the National Security Personnel System (NSPS) Transition Office announced that plans to move the 226,000 covered employees into existing pay systems are well ahead of schedule. According to NSPS transition leader John H. James, the majority of workers are expected to be transitioned by September 30th, 2010, a full year ahead of the guidelines laid out in the 2010 National Defense Authorization Act.

“We’re ahead of schedule and maintaining a tight timeframe,” said James in the announcement. “An estimated 75 percent of NSPS employees will be transitioned this fiscal year.”

As of this writing, nearly 7,000 employees have been transitioned out of NSPS and into existing pay systems. Over the next several months, once jobs are classified under the GS and other pay systems, this number is set to increase exponentially as automation will allow for transitions from much larger NSPS organizations.

Charts outlining the 2010 transition schedule, along with news and updates regarding the transition, can be found at the NSPS Transition Office’s website.