NSPS Transition Office Meets its Goal; Majority of NSPS Workers Now Transitioned into Existing Pay Systems


The Department of Defense (DoD) has exceeded its goal of transitioning the majority of National Security Personnel System workers back under existing pay systems. According to the NSPS Transition Team’s website, just under 172,000 of the 226,000 NSPS-covered workers have been reassigned. Approximately 75 percent of the transitioned employees have been moved under the General Schedule.

When Congress terminated the controversial personnel system in the 2010 Defense Authorization Act, they gave DoD until January, 2012 to completely dismantle the system and return all employees to existing pay systems. In April of this year, transition leader John H. James announced that the majority of workers were expected to be transitioned by the close of fiscal year 2010. At the time of the announcement, just 7,000 individuals had been transitioned into different pay systems, a far cry from the 171,985 that have been transferred as of today.

In light of these figures, it is likely that the full transition deadline of January 1, 2012, will be met with ease. This continued progress proves that the Office has kept its promise to put an end to the anti-worker, anti-union personnel system once and for all.

For more information on the NSPS transition, visit their website here.