Organizing Tip of the Week: Connecting with the Community


A Local that is visible not only in the workplace, but also within the community, is a great way to show potential members why it is important to get involved and join the Union. There are limitless ways a Local and its members can become engaged with the community.

Start by choosing a service that the majority of the bargaining unit can participate in. You don’t have to start big when considering how to volunteer. Volunteering can be as simple as holding a food drive, collecting toys, or putting together aid kits for victims of natural disasters. Even these small acts will demonstrate to the bargaining unit that the true essence of Unionism is community involvement.

This stand of solidarity exhibits the commitment and value of Unions in our workplace and in the community. Volunteering is an effective way to bring members and non-members alike together for a greater cause. Non-members are more likely to become members, too, when they see the Local in action in a positive way.

For larger resources and other ideas about where to volunteer, visit the Working America website link listed below. Working America is a community affiliate of the AFL-CIO; it’s a powerful force for working people. It combines the strength of 10 million Union men and women and millions of workers without the benefit of a workplace Union who share common challenges and goals to fight in communities, states, and nationally for what really matters.

If you would like more advice on where to volunteer or how to get involved, please contact your National Organizing Coordinator.

Working America: