Organizing Tip of the Week: Know the ABC’s of Your CBA


Though sometimes overlooked, one of the most valuable recruiting tools available to you is a copy of your Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Familiarizing yourself with your CBA will arm you with the necessary knowledge to become a more effective recruiter.

Your CBA explains in detail what provisions your Local has negotiated on behalf of your bargaining unit members. When a prospective member asks what the Local has done for them, you can point to the countless examples contained within your contract. Your contract is an invaluable resource for showing your bargaining unit members exactly how the union is working in their interest, and how its efforts directly affect their daily lives.

For those employees who are not satisfied with the language within the contract, you can still turn their feelings into organizing potential. Encourage them to get involved with the union, so they will have input when the contract is up for renewal.

Knowing what is contained within your contract, and making it available to your potential members, is a very important organizing tool. If you haven’t yet done so, familiarize yourself with your CBA today, and make sure that information is available to your bargaining unit employees.