Organizing Tip of the Week: Tools to Help You Help Your Local


As NFFE representatives, our duty is grow our Locals and provide them with the quality representation that our members expect of us. However, carrying out these essential union functions can often be a challenge. Official time is hard to come by, and even when we do get some, it never seems to be enough. Resources may be scare or a particular case may be outside of your area of expertise. What can you do in these situations?

To address these common problems, look no further than the NFFE Toolbox – your one-stop shop for all of the representational and recruitment resources you need to get the job done. Inside the NFFE Toolbox you will find several ‘toolkits’ which each contain valuable resources about a particular union function. Need help filing a ULP or grievance? Go to the Stewards Toolkit. Interested in starting a Local newsletter of website? Go to the Communicators’ Toolkit. Need resources for an upcoming organizing drive? Visit the Organizers’ Toolkit.

You can find these invaluable tools and many more by visiting the NFFE Toolbox on our website, For more information, see the Q+A below, or use this brief training presentation.

What is the NFFE Toolbox?

The NFFE Toolbox is a new area of the website where you can access each of NFFE’s six “toolkits.” Each toolkit contains resources to help you in your day-to-day work as a union representative.

What Type of Resources Are in the Toolbox?

Inside you will find links to the Stewards’ Toolkit, Officers’ Toolkit, Communicators’ Toolkit, Legislative Action Center, Organizers’ Toolkit, and Disability Resource Center.

Where do I Find the Toolbox?

The Toolbox is located on the right-hand side of the homepage of the NFFE website, Just click the button labeled “NFFE Toolbox” and you’re there! (See picture below)

Why Create a Toolbox?

The idea behind the NFFE Toolbox was to place all of NFFE’s toolkit resources in one easy-to-find location. The days of hunting around the website to find information for stewards, or communicators, or legislative chairs are over.


Contact NFFE Communications Director Cory Bythrow at (202) 216-4458 or

Click Here to Visit the NFFE Toolbox