Organizing Tip of the Week: Visit the NFFE Website Early and Often


NFFE’s award-winning website,, is an invaluable resource for members and potential members alike. The website is not solely an organizing tool, but the recruitment assistance it can provide should not be overlooked.

Anyone can visit the NFFE website and learn everything from who we are as a union, to what issues we are working on nationally, and who to contact for assistance. The website is a great place to direct prospective members to gain an overview of what NFFE is all about. There is a wealth of information available on the site, and sending bargaining unit members to check it out for themselves allows them to research the issues and topics that are most important to them.

One great feature on the website is visitors’ ability to sign up for NFFE E-News. Our electronic newsletter is sent out to everyone on our distribution list each week, and covers the latest news and happenings within NFFE and the greater labor community. Signing up for NFFE E-News is a great way to ensure that you always have the latest news and information from NFFE National, even if you do not visit the website directly on a regular basis. Anyone can sign up to receive our e-newsletter, so encourage your bargaining unit members who are on the fence about joining to sign up for E-News and learn what NFFE membership is all about.

The second piece to the NFFE website is the ‘Members’ Only’ section. This section allows you to create a login and password that gives you access to a variety of training materials, fliers, and guidance about how to strengthen your Local. For officers and stewards, registering with the website is even more important. This allows you to access the Stewards’ Toolkit and the Officers’ Toolkit, which provide resources from A to Z that will benefit you and your members.

Visiting the NFFE website and following NFFE’s E-News can also make you a more effective recruiter. Even if potential members don’t visit the NFFE website directly, you can share the information that you obtain from it with them. The more you know about the organization you are promoting, the more successful you will be at encouraging others to get involved.

Please visit the NFFE website on a regular basis, and encourage your co-workers to check it out, too. There is a wealth of information available at your fingertips, just waiting to be shared!