Organizing Tip of the Week: What is Your Bulletin Board Saying about Your Local?


Your members have a right to know everything that is going on. Bulletin boards can give them a quick snapshot of what the union is doing at the Local and National level. The most crucial information that should always be on display is the Local union office and officers’ contact information.

Be sure to update the information on your bulletin board regularly. Some legislative materials or newsworthy events are time sensitive. If you allow the information on the board to become out of date and stale, people will stop paying attention to it. These bulletin boards are a valuable opportunity to share materials with your unit. If you do not update your display frequently, you may be leaving a negative impression of the union to potential members. You always want to share information as it comes to you so that potential members know how valuable the union is to the workplace.

Make your bulletin boards eye-catching. It’s important that people notice them when they pass. Try to post at least some materials that are printed in color or on color paper, and display a variety of items. Make sure you have a good quantity of materials posted, too, so there is enough information to make someone stop and take a look, but not enough to overwhelm them or make your boards look cluttered.

Here at NFFE Headquarters, we have developed a number of posters and flyers that are ready for you to use. Check out the “Get Organizing Materials for Your Local” section of the Stewards’ Toolkit on our website,, for examples of what we offer. These can be printed and shipped to you at no charge, or you can print them directly from our website. Customized items can be created and requests should be sent to your organizing coordinator.

Bulletin boards are also a great place to share NFFE’s weekly news briefs, as well as guidance from the NFFE National Office on the potential upcoming furloughs, and other important, pressing issues that affect your bargaining unit.

If you do not currently have a union bulletin board in one or more of your buildings, consult your contract. There is likely language in the contract guaranteeing you bulletin board space to communicate with your bargaining unit members. Make sure you take advantage of this key opportunity to communicate with your unit!

You work hard on behalf of your brothers and sisters every day, and your union bulletin board is a wonderful tool for you to share your efforts and story with them.

If you need help accessing the Stewards’ Toolkit, contact NFFE National Communications Director Cory Bythrow at To request bulletin board materials for your Local, contact your National Organizing Coordinator (see map below).

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