Share Your Local Labor-Management Forum Success Story

In 2013, the National Council disseminated the first edition of the Labor Management Forum Reporting Tool developed by the Problem Resolution Subcommittee to: (1) provide a mechanism for labor management forums to bring specific problems to the attention of the National Council; (2) identify common barriers; and (3) find examples of best practices of successful forums.   Based on the responses received, the National Council developed and provided more guidance, resources and tools to aid collaborative efforts by labor and management in the executive branch. You may find a summary of results from the 2013 Labor Management Forum Reporting Tool here
Now more than ever before it remains important for labor and management to work together as they face today’s challenges. Yet, we know that the unique challenges faced by Federal employees are putting pressure on even the best labor-management relationships. The National Council remains committed to providing representatives of labor and management with the continued support and tools they need to succeed together. To accomplish this, we are providing the 2015 Labor Management Forum Reporting Tool to representatives of unions and agencies.

The information gathered will be used by the National Council to continue to develop and provide guidance on collaborative efforts by labor and management in the executive branch, including results achieved and best practices.

To facilitate the National Council in gaining a comprehensive picture of your agency’s labor-management group’s activities and potential needs, we ask both management and union respondents to submit individual reports for each labor-management group that you participate in within your respective organizations.  Please feel free to distribute to your individual forums as appropriate. Responses will be tracked by the bargaining unit status (BUS) code assigned to each bargaining unit. Completed reports must be submitted no later than August 28, 2015

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this very worthwhile initiative.


The National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations


NFFE Local 178 and their successful installation-wide Labor-Management Forum