Show Your Union Pride


Successful Locals are visible Locals. How can a prospective member join your Local if they don’t know it exists? And you, as a Local officer or member, are your Local’s best advertisement.

There are several ways you can increase the visibility of your officers and members. One of the easiest and most cost-effective is to encourage everyone to wear a NFFE-IAM lanyard or something that is visible with the NFFE logo on it. These are provided at no cost to NFFE Locals, and are a part of every new member kit. NFFE lanyards are the break-away style, so they should be allowed in most workplaces. Their bright red color makes them easily visible to everyone you come in contact with.

You can also ensure that all of your Local officers and stewards are easily identifiable. Name badges or tags that signify these positions are a great idea. That way, even potential members who do not know your officers by name will know who to talk to if they have a question or concern, or are interested in joining the union.

Members can also wear NFFE apparel to show their unionism and solidarity. A number of quality union-made items are available through the store on the NFFE website. The NFFE National Office can also provide our logo to Locals that are interested in ordering items through other vendors. Wearing these items in the workplace, especially in a coordinated manner, will show potential bargaining unit employees how many of their co-workers are proud NFFE members.

If you aren’t already wearing your NFFE items, it’s time to start. Show your co-workers and fellow members that you are proud to be part of our union. Pull those NFFE items out of your closet, or pick some up today. You never know who you might influence.