Son of NFFE Member Tim Jones Seriously Wounded On Duty in Afghanistan; Please Consider Donating to Family’s Assistance Fund


Tim Jones, NFFE member and Army retiree on the Sawtooth National Forest, learned that his 21 year old son, Terence “Bo” Lonnie Jones, was severely injured in the line of duty while on a foot patrol in Southern Afghanistan, losing both of his legs as well as sustaining injuries to his left arm and torso. He’s in stable condition and has been transferred to a hospital in Germany.

Bo is being worked on by the doctors in Germany. He developed an infection from his wounds, but the doctors have it under control. Tim and some members of his family are in Washington DC right now, trying to get emergency clearance for passports to Germany. They’re in a holding pattern at the moment, but hope to have the clearance very soon. There is a possibility that Bo could be transported back to the States fairly soon as well. Arrangements are being made in San Antonio, Texas at a military base for his extended recovery. The doctors reported that Bo responded very positively to the news Tim and his family would be coming to see him in Germany.

In support of Tim, his family, and Bo, a donation account has been setup at Wells Fargo Bank in Twin Falls, ID. where Tim lives. This account will help him with travel expenses and future expenses that are sure to come. If you would like to make a donation, you may do so at any Wells Fargo branch in your local area. Tell them you would like to make a donation to the “Terence Lonnie Jones Donation Fund“, and they will be able to take your gift.

Tim wishes to express his gratitude to the outpouring of gifts and well wishes in support for Bo already received.

You may also send cards or other gifts directly to the Sawtooth National Forest Supervisor’s Office. Tim most likely will follow Bo directly to San Antonio and could be gone for the next several weeks. We’ll share that address if he decides to stay there for an extended period of time. The Forest’s address is as follows:

Sawtooth National Forest
c/o Tim Jones
2647 Kimberly Road East
Twin Falls, ID 83301-7976

We encourage you to share Bo’s story with your personal networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) as well.