SURVEY: NFFE Considering Retiree Program; Give Us Your Feedback!


NFFE is considering the formation of a NFFE retirees program, and we would like to hear from you whether there is interest in this concept.

Please click here to take our survey and give us your input about what a NFFE retirement program should do.

A NFFE retiree program would be good thing for this union because many retired NFFE members want to remain connected with the union, but currently don’t have a program that keeps them as engaged as they would like to be. In fact, numerous retirees have contacted NFFE National in the last year inquiring about a retiree program in which they wish to participate. With more and more federal workers retiring every day, it is clear that now is the time – if ever – to put this program in place.

NFFE, and the federal employees we represent, could greatly benefit from a dedicated and active retiree network. Retirees have flexibilities that union officers and current employees simply do not and would be a tremendous asset to the federal workforce, both active and retired, if they can be engaged. The union at all levels is limited by scarce resources, which limits the number and scope of projects that can be taken on. However, an active group of retirees could be a game-changer that would allow the union to do far greater things in advocacy of current and retired federal workers.

At this point, NFFE is just doing a survey of interest in a hypothetical retirement program. The next steps would be to appoint a committee that would make decisions about what the NFFE retirees program will do and how the group will function. Although, some ideas being discussed already include:

  • Public relations (publicizing positive stories about the federal government and federal employees while correcting misinformation put out about federal workers)
  • Assisting NFFE locals with organizing and recruitment
  • Lobbying
  • Charity work
  • Supplemental benefits for NFFE retirees

We would like to know your thoughts and ideas about the prospect of a NFFE retiree program. Please click here to fill out this brief survey.