Survey Shows Government Contractor Bosses Make 70 Percent More than Federal Executives


On the heels of a recent report that found that government contractors cost taxpayers nearly double the amount of federal workers, a new survey has found a big part of the reason for this gap: Contractor executive pay.

According to a survey by the Human Resource Association of the National Capital area, government contractor executives are paid 70 percent more than their counterparts in agency leadership. This means that every time the government hires a contractor to do a job, the taxpayers are not only paying for the people actually doing the work, they are paying outrageous salaries to the corporate big shots who manage them.

The survey also found that rank-and-file contract employees are paid more than their executive branch counterparts by seven percent. This has increased in recent years because contractor pay has actually risen by more than five percent over the past two years while federal pay has remained frozen.

American taxpayers should not be forced to pay a bigger bill for work that could be done for less by dedicated federal employees. NFFE will continue to fight reckless outsourcing of federal jobs and make sure that taxpayer dollars are well spent.