The Importance of 1187s


As a Local officer or steward, you should be prepared to sign up a new member at any time. If you miss an opportunity to get a prospective member to join, you might not get a second chance. It is a great habit to have 1187s printed off and in your union office at all times. These 1187s can be used during organizing drives or for stop-in visits from non-union members.

It is also imperative that these forms are filled out and handled correctly. The 1187 dues deduction form is the most important document that a new member needs to fill out. When organizing, it is important to know exactly what you are giving your new member. Make sure that you know all of the wording on the 1187 so you are able to explain the document properly. New members must fill in the 1187 properly, so be sure to examine it closely after it has been completed.

Once you have the completed 1187 you should make two copies. The original 1187 should be turned in to the agency right away. The second copy you should scan, fax, or mail to the NFFE National Office. If your Local has a Council and they request that you submit copies, do that as well.

It is important to submit the 1187s to the National Office for two reasons. First of all, we send out welcome letters to every new member. These letters, from President Dougan and Secretary-Treasurer Fenaughty, are an important part of recognizing and thanking our new sisters and brothers. Second, your Local receives a $100 rebate from the National Office for every completed 1187 you send to our office, to help encourage and fund future organizing efforts.

After submitting the 1187, make sure you follow up with the new member to see if the dues are being deducted from their paychecks. If not, it is crucial to check with the agency to see if they have processed the form yet. During the follow up, be sure to give the new member a new member kit provided by the National Office. Within the kit, we have provided several different items that can be essential and informative to any NFFE member.

Please contact your National Organizing Coordinator any time if you have any questions regarding 1187 forms, or to request new member kits.

Don’t forget! Forms should be submitted to the NFFE National Office by mail, fax, or email at:

805 15th Street, NW Suite 500
Washington, DC 20024
Fax: 202-898-1861