NFFE Secretary-Treasurer Randy Erwin addresses 2015 IAM Legislative Conference attendees
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NFFE Secretary-Treasurer Erwin Elected Co-Chair of Federal Workers Alliance
Following a successful five-year tenure as the Chairman of the Federal Workers Alliance (FWA), NFFE National President William R. Dougan recently announced the resignation of his Chairmanship ahead of his anticipated retirement following NFFE’s 50th National Convention this September. And following a vote by FWA coalition partners, NFFE's Randy Erwin has been elected to co-chair the FWA alongside National Association of Government Employee's (NAGE) Sarah Suszczyk. The two will continue the FWA's strong legacy of relentless advocacy on behalf of federal employees.   : : MORE

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Assistance is Available to Union Members Affected by Louisiana Flooding
NFFE realizes that members of NFFE Local 1904 and their families have suffered loss and face uncertainty, now and moving forward, and may require urgent help. NFFE stands in solidarity with all members who have suffered from natural disaster, and is ready to provide support and assistance through this difficult time. Several disaster relief programs are available to NFFE-IAM members.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Aug 19, 2016

NFFE Forest Service Council Achieves Protections for All Workers
The NFFE Forest Service Council has been working for years to get the Forest Service to implement anti-bullying policies or committing to an environment that fosters respect for individual values and appropriate conduct among all employees throughout the Agency. And finally, the most recent round of contract negotiations have brought about these long sought-after changes.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Aug 12, 2016

Proposed Bylaws Amendments and Resolutions Now Available for Review
As delegates prepare to head to sunny Orlando, Florida for NFFE's 50th National Convention, the NFFE National Office has been spending much of 2016 making detailed arrangements to ensure Convention operations run smoothly. One of those responsibilities is to collect and distribute proposed bylaws amendments and resolutions ahead of the Convention—ensuring delegates have adequate time to review proposals submitted by Locals and members from around the country. Both amendments and resolutions will be voted on by delegates to the 50th NFFE National Convention.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Aug 11, 2016


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Democratic Platform Fails to Advocate for Federal Workforce
While certainly better than the destructive GOP Platform adopted at last week's Republican National Convention, the 2016 Democratic Platform does little in the way for federal employees. It is discouraging that a platform repeatedly referencing federal resources and programs fails to mention supporting the workforce tasked with administering those programs. At a time when federal employees are under constant attack from a hostile Congress, we need real allies ready to stand with us in our fight.
Press Release  ·  Jul 27, 2016

GOP Platform Wrong for Federal Employees
We get nowhere as a country when one political party seeks to take away hard-earned pay and benefits from this nation’s civil servants. At a time when federal employees make 35 percent less than comparable private sector workers, the GOP demands further cuts in salaries and benefits of our VA nurses and doctors, wildland firefighters and the men and women maintaining the readiness of America’s military.
Press Release  ·  Jul 20, 2016


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Insurer did a ‘bait and switch’ on long-term care rate hike for feds, lawmakers say.
This post has been updated. Congress wants to know exactly what led to an explosive rate increase for 274,000 current and retired federal employees who are buying long-term care insurance. A bipartisan group of lawmakers on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee...
News Item  ·  Washington Post Federal Eye  ·  Aug 26, 2016_  right

Will states follow DOJ’s private prison move? Some are ahead of the feds.
Uncle Sam is an influential guy. When he speaks, states listen. If history is a guide, the Justice Department’s decision to phase out private prisons could have an impact well beyond federal Bureau of Prison facilities. Already, some states are ahead of the federal government in closing...
News Item  ·  Washington Post Federal Eye  ·  Aug 26, 2016_  right

VA moves to restrict treason symbols at cemeteries
The Civil War has been over for 151 years, and Department of Veterans Affairs cemeteries, established three years prior, have finally decided to restrict flags representing the killers of U.S. government soldiers. VA now plans to “amend our policy to make clear that Confederate flags...
News Item  ·  Washington Post Federal Eye  ·  Aug 25, 2016_  right

Federal sexual violence stats sow confusion
Sexual violence is a major problem in America, and the federal government has various programs to combat it. But those efforts might be more effective if Uncle Sam had a better idea of what he’s fighting. The problem: Federal sexual violence statistics are confusing. “Rape is...
News Item  ·  Washington Post Federal Eye  ·  Aug 24, 2016_  right