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On Wednesday, the House passed a $17 billion bipartisan VA reform bill. 

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House Passes VA Reform Bill, Waiting Senate Approval
The $17 billion bipartisan plan includes numerous short- and long-term solutions to the problems facing the VA. Among provisions in the bill: A streamlined process for removing senior VA executives, an option for veterans without ready access to VA facilities to receive private care, additional funds to hire more professional staff and operate more facilities while also increasing accountability measures for care of veterans who are the victims of sexual assault. The VA reform bill passed the House, 420-5, Wednesday.   : : MORE

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President Signs Executive Order Expanding Workplace Equality
On Monday, President Obama signed a two-part executive order to ban discrimination against gay and lesbian federal contractors. The executive order makes it illegal to harass or fire federal contractors based on their sexual orientation. NFFE is at the forefront of LGBT equality in the federal workforce, strongly supporting the Domestic Partner Benefits and Obligations Act (H.R. 3135). This legislation is aimed at providing domestic partners of federal employees the same medical and retirement benefits that spouses of federal employees currently have.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Jul 24, 2014

Local 2200 Labor-Management Statement of Support for Service Members
On May 24, 2014, NFFE Local 2200 and USDA Forest Service Human Resources Management (HRM) collectively signed a Statement of Support for the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR). The ESGR is an office created by the Department of Defense (DoD) that informs and educates service members of their rights under the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-Employment Rights Act (USERRA). The USERRA, passed in 1994, prohibits civilian employers from discriminating against employees who serve in the Armed Forces, Reserves, National Guard or any other uniformed service.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Jul 22, 2014

Senate Hearing Examines Forest Service's Wildfire Suppression Funding
Through much of the hearing, it was clear that the current “fire-borrowing” system of the U.S. Forest Service is unsustainable with the rising costs of fire suppression across the country. The current “fire-borrowing” system has the Forest Service take money from local Forest Service units and transfers it to national fire suppression efforts. The depletion of local Forest Service budgets prevents adequate forest management, hazardous fuel reduction and invasive species protection programs from operating.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Jul 16, 2014


Press Releases

National President Dougan: "Today's Request for an Additional $615 Million to Battle Wildfires is Much-needed."
“Today’s request from the White House for an additional $615 million to battle wildfires is much-needed,” Dougan said. "This will also allow for land management agencies to go deeper into fire season without needing to use non-fire funds to pay for fire suppression as has happened too often in recent years. We cannot allow for federal land management agencies to be forced to focus on putting out budget fires at the expense of allowing wildfires to continue to rage across the country.”
Press Release  ·  Jul 8, 2014

National President Dougan: "Workplace Flexibility in the Federal Government Will Help Recruit and Retain Top Talent."
“It is encouraging to see President Obama recognize the importance of work-life balance. This presidential memorandum is a statement to every federal agency that Obama is serious about actually using workplace flexibilities. Because federal workers’ pay lags so far behind the private sector, the federal government needs workplace flexibilities to recruit and retain qualified workers. Some agencies currently embrace workplace flexibilities, but others still do not. We hope this presidential memorandum will change the business-as-usual attitude some agencies still hold about workplace flexibilities,” Dougan said.
Press Release  ·  Jun 25, 2014


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Deja Vu? Pentagon at Odds With Union on Its Second Attempt at Civilian Personnel Reform
Union feels 'duped' and 'boxed out' of the process for creating a new system.
News Item  ·  Govexec  ·  Jul 31, 2014_  right

Bill Would Repeal Recent Pension Contribution Hikes
Legislation would reset all feds to pre-2013 contribution level.
News Item  ·  Govexec  ·  Jul 31, 2014_  right

House Oversight Floats 15 Reforms to ‘Depoliticize’ IRS
Revenue Commissioner says Republicans will never be satisfied with emails turned over.
News Item  ·  Govexec  ·  Jul 31, 2014_  right

Seattle Investigates the One Cop Who Wrote 80 Percent of the City's Pot Tickets
Man has served as an officer since 1990 and recently worked as a bike officer in the precinct covering Seattle.
News Item  ·  Govexec  ·  Jul 31, 2014_  right



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