February has seen numerous anti-federal employee bills introduced in Congress
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Federal Employees Not Feeling the Love from Congress This Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and it appears Congress will not be sending federal employees any flowers this year. Instead, Congress has unleashed numerous bills aimed squarely at chipping away at the pay, job security and right to join a Union for federal employees. At this point, only H.R. 3023 has passed out of a committee markup hearing on the House side – and it lacks a Senate companion. NFFE is fighting around the clock to make sure all of these bills die in the current session of Congress without advancing to receive full House votes.   : : MORE

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NFFE Local 2035 Grows Membership by 180 Percent in 2015
In 2014, NFFE Local 2035 at Fort Irwin National Training Center in Southern California was faced with stagnating new-member organizing. Rather than fold in the wake of the difficulties of maintaining a Local Lodge, the executive board shouldered the challenge of taking a decidedly different path than the current trajectory. While it did not happen overnight, what was once a Local that appeared to be heading for complete stagnation is now a shining star on NFFE’s national growth scene. Change for Local 2035 came as a result of hard work every single day by Union officers, members, and the vision of one gifted organizer.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Feb 5, 2016

Update on the Status of Implementation of the Land Management Workforce Flexibility Act
On December 29, 2015, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) issued guidance on implementation of the Land Management Workforce flexibility Act (LMWFA). In a subsequent release, NFFE expressed concerns about the guidance and provided some advice to employees. The LMWFA was enacted to provide long-serving and successful temporary seasonal employees of land management agencies “with the same career advancement opportunities available to all other Federal employees.” NFFE’s biggest concern with OPM’s guidance is that it fails to fulfill this clear statement of legislative intent.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Feb 2, 2016

NFFE Scores Major Pay Boost for Letterkenny Employees
After years of advocacy by NFFE, the IAM, and our Union allies pushing for a much-needed expansion to the locality pay system, 13 new General Schedule (GS) pay localities were announced in June of 2015. In addition to the new localities, 21 existing locality pay areas were expanded to include counties previously assigned to the lower-paid "Rest of U.S." locality pay area. The new and expanded localities went into effect Jan. 1, 2016, amounting to a significant pay increase for all the GS federal workers located in the designated areas. It was a huge win for the employees and the Union that fought for these positive changes.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Jan 29, 2016


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National President Dougan: The Militants Occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Must be Arrested.
We have reports of employees of the U.S. Forest Service Employees on the Malheur National Forest receiving threats and being stalked by sympathizers of the militants. The situation has gotten bad enough that nearby federal installations remain closed out of fear of an attack. Allowing this lawlessness to continue jeopardizes the health and safety of hard-working federal employees and calls into question the federal government’s commitment to protecting its own workers.
Press Release  ·  Jan 15, 2016

Statement from National President Dougan Regarding OPM Director Archuleta Resignation
"The announcement of OPM Director Archuleta’s resignation puts federal employees in a dire state of uncertainty. With Director Archuleta’s resignation, the volatility of this situation has escalated exponentially and we face a void of leadership. All the while, millions of federal employees that have had their personal information compromised continue to go without the suite of protections they need and deserve from OPM..."
Press Release  ·  Jul 10, 2015


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As concern grows over terrorists on social media, Senate bill calls for national strategy
A U.S. Senate committee on Wednesday will take up a topic that has caused growing concern in recent months: the influence of social media in recruiting potential terrorists. The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee will consider a bill that would require the Obama...
News Item  ·  Washington Post Federal Eye  ·  Feb 10, 2016_  right

Senate panel backs limits on paid time off for federal employees facing discipline
This story has been updated. A Senate committee has approved a plan to address one of the few federal employee issues where there is bipartisan agreement: that too many agencies put too many employees on paid time off beyond their regular leave time for too long. The Senate Homeland Security...
News Item  ·  Washington Post Federal Eye  ·  Feb 10, 2016_  right

Will Democrats get a larger raise for federal employees?
As Obama administration officials and journalists gathered in cozy meeting rooms around Washington for budget briefings Tuesday, federal employees rallied in a cold rain on a muddy lawn across from the U.S. Capitol. It was a metaphor for their power in a town where Congress is controlled by...
News Item  ·  Washington Post Federal Eye  ·  Feb 9, 2016_  right

For federal employees, budget seeks 1.6 percent raise, paid parental leave
President Obama’s budget proposal contains the previously announced plan for a 1.6 percent January 2017 raise for federal employees, and it repeats some recommendations on benefits that have not passed Congress and drops some others. A budget document says that the 1.6 percent figure...
News Item  ·  Washington Post Federal Eye  ·  Feb 9, 2016_  right