NFFE's Young Federal Leaders program is empowering young NFFE-IAM members to build their skills and become more engaged in the union.

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NFFE’s Young Federal Leaders Program Re-Emerges
NFFE will be hosting a YFL call on Friday, April 28th at 2 PM (Eastern Standard Time). “Young Federal Leaders is such an important program for our union,” said NFFE National President Randy Erwin. “With so many of our leaders throughout the country nearing retirement, we must be proactive about building a new generation of union activists that can carry the torch in the decades to come. I’m very glad to see our Young Federal Leaders program up and running once again.”   : : MORE

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After Camp Pendleton Police Officers Have Pay Slashed, NFFE Local 919 Wins Battle for Higher Pay
After the recent discovery of an administrative clerical error caused Camp Pendleton police officers to receive pay cuts of 25% per month and back-pay bills for up to $35,000 each, NFFE is pleased to announce that due to actions taken by the union, Camp Pendleton police officers’ salaries are now returning to the higher pay table.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Apr 14, 2017

NFFE Nurses Receive $100K for Unpaid Work
After a process that took two years, two nurses of the San Francisco Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center were granted well-deserved and long overdue compensation for unpaid work. Peter Scott and Edward Galvan, both of NFFE Local One, are PICIS experts, a software package which monitors severely ill patients in Intensive Care Units, Post-Anesthesia Care Units, and in the Operating Room.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Apr 14, 2017

Senate Democrats Introduce Bill to Provide Back Pay in Event of Government Shutdown
The National Federation of Federal Employees supports the legislation of S. 861, titled The Federal Employee Fair Treatment Act. Introduced last week on Wednesday by Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD), the act will guarantee back pay for federal employees in the event of a possible government shutdown....
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Apr 11, 2017


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Federal Union to Trump Administration: “Firing Federal Workers is Not How You Drain the Swamp
Washington, D.C. – Today, the National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE) admonished the statement of OMB Director Mick Mulvaney, who stated Tuesday that the so-called restructuring of the Executive Branch is “how you drain the swamp” in Washington. Mulvaney’s comments came in advance of a memo released to agencies Wednesday that orders a reduction in the federal workforce while urging the elimination of programs and agencies that run contrary to the “promises that the president made during the campaign.”
Press Release  ·  Apr 14, 2017

Federal Employee Union Responds to House Committees Targeting Federal Employees and Veterans
Today, in two separate committees in the House of Representatives, veterans and federal employees came one step closer to losing several levels of checks and balances that could affect everything from government whistleblowing to the impact of health and medical care at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).
Press Release  ·  Mar 8, 2017