Political Action (MNPL)

What is the MNPL?

The Machinists Non-Partisan Political League (MNPL) is the political arm of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), the union with which the National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE) is affiliated. Created in 1947, the MNPL is one of the most powerful and influential political action committees (PACs) in the United States. A PAC is a name commonly given to a group organized to elect or defeat government officials or to promote legislation.

As NFFE-IAM members, we benefit greatly from having access to MNPL. NFFE and IAM have serious influence in Washington, D.C., and that political strength is used to push for legislation favorably impacting federal employees and working families.

Why is it Important to Support MNPL?

The MNPL is one of the strongest PACs in America because IAM members know the value of having a meaningful presence in Washington, D.C. As long as members continue to give, our union will continue to have a strong influence on important legislation. With each member that does not contribute, our political strength is diminished. Participation is important so that we maintain or increase our political standing over time. This allows the union to better serve you, the member.

Federal employees should be especially concerned with the strength of the MNPL because federal workers are more directly impacted by decisions made by lawmakers. Every year Congress makes decisions about whether to increase or decrease the size of government agencies. Congress also sets the annual pay increase for federal workers, makes decisions about changes to federal employee benefits, and makes choices about government privatization. For federal workers, it is critical to have a powerful voice in these conversations. Supporting MNPL is the way for NFFE-IAM members to amplify that voice.

It is important to note that contributions made to MNPL must be made completely voluntarily. No dues dollars can be contributed to grow these funds.

How Can I Contribute to MNPL?

The suggested yearly contribution for NFFE-IAM members is just $25 (although any and all contributions are welcomed, including larger ones). This contribution will make you a “Sponsoring Member” of the MNPL. Do your part to strengthen the political influence of your union by becoming a Sponsoring Member, and encourage the NFFE-IAM members at your local to do the same. With our collective strength we will accomplish great things.

You can complete a one time contribution or set up a monthly recurring contribution.

You will need your IAM Book Number (NFFE Membership Number) to fill out the online form. You can get your IAM Book Number in moments by calling the NFFE Membership Department at (202) 216-4425 or you can email your request to mnplsupport@iamaw.org.

Important: As a NFFE-IAM member, your District Lodge is "FD-1" and your Local Lodge is your NFFE Federal Local number.

Note: Do not use your government email or electronic devices when communicating about MNPL or when making contributions.

Thank you for your generous contribution to the MNPL!