Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join NFFE?

Fill out a Standard Form (SF) 1187 and submit the completed form to your local union representative. If you do not know who your local representative is, you can submit the form to NFFE Headquarters via fax (202-898-1861) or email newmember[at]

Why should I join the union?

With the recent attacks on federal workers, it’s important now more than ever to join NFFE. As a member, NFFE will ensure that your rights are protected and that your voice is heard. It is our mission to advance the social and economic welfare of federal workers through our continued work in representing your interests through collective bargaining, lobbying for legislative action, fighting for better working conditions, and promoting labor-management partnerships in agency decision-making.

Why join when the union has to represent me anyways?

We are stronger together. With more members comes greater negotiating power for more favorable working conditions and benefits. In addition, NFFE offers additional benefits and discounts that nonmembers do not have access to, such as discounted rates on auto insurance and a free college program.

What is the difference between a Dues-Paying member and a Bargaining Unit Employee?

A bargaining unit employee belongs to a specific group of employees in a workplace represented by one authorized union for purposes of collective bargaining. A dues-paying member is an employee from that represented group who pays to belong this organization in order to receive the benefits described above.

How much are dues?

Dues vary by local. Please contact your local representative for more information. Your dues are of great value considering the increased benefits enjoyed as a NFFE-IAM member.

What do my dues pay for?

Your dues help support the work of the union and help run the organization. Union dues are used to cover a range of activities, including servicing members, union governance, legal representation, organizing new members, and legislative lobbying.

What are the benefits of union membership?

Visit the NFFE Benefits page.

What Agencies/Departments does NFFE represent?

NFFE represents approximately 110,000 government workers across the United States. Click here to see where we represent employees.

If there is no union in my workplace, how do we get NFFE?

Visit the Join NFFE page