Member Toolkit

Welcome to the NFFE Toolkit, your one-stop resource for all of the tools and information you need to represent, educate, and grow your Local. Here you can find links to our Stewards' Toolkit, Officers' Toolkit, Communicator's Toolkit, Organizers' Toolkit, Legislative Action Center, and Disability Resource Center, all under one roof. Each toolkit contains a wealth of useful material that you can use to bring your Local to new heights. So what are you waiting for? Take a look.

Representation Toolkit

Welcome to the NFFE Rep. Center, your one-stop shop for samples, trainings, and insights about your representational duties as a NFFE leader. Here you will find a wealth of resources to make you a better rep. This is especially useful for new reps who are just starting to learn the representational ropes. Check it out!

Stewards' Toolkit

Here you will find a wealth of educational and representational resources that should assist you in your duties as a NFFE Steward. This page includes materials on organizing, representational duties, representational forms, business representative contact information, and important documents.

Officers' Toolkit

This page helps NFFE officers carry out their work faster and easier than ever before. It allows you to browse Local contracts, access representational documents, register for courses at the Winpisinger Center, order organizing materials for your Locals, learn about your benefits as a member, and more.

Organizers' Toolkit

Organizing and recruiting new members is the lifeblood of our Union. The Organizer's Toolkit is the online nevercenter of NFFE's recruitment operation. Here you can learn about our recruitment incentive, resources for planning recruiting events, training, visibility materials, and much more!

Communicators' Toolkit

This toolkit is your one-stop destination for the resources and information you need to become an effective Local communicator. Here you can find tips on how to talk about federal worker issues, start a local newsletter, have your opinions published in the media, recruit members, and much more.

Service Toolkit

Unions have a long tradition of community service. Well before we won a seat at the negotiation table, unions made it a priority to care for the sick, provide for families of injured workers, and establish vibrant communities. This toolkit shows you how to start a local service project of your own.

Disability Resource Center

The disability resources page helps NFFE representatives navigate issues surrounding the rights of disabled person in the federal workforce. Here you can find resources related to, reasonable accommodations, hiring, and a number of other important disability employment issues.