Machinists (W3) Training Facility


The William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center is a facility built by workers for workers. Its mission is to meet the complete range of educational needs of our representatives and to provide an atmosphere where they can learn undisturbed by the daily demands of the workplace. We emphasize mutual respect, shared learning, hands-on experience, and discussion inside and outside the classroom.

After approval from their lodge leadership, participants learn together in classrooms with professional instructors and up-to-date curriculum. Our programs cover a diverse range of topics to ensure that members, officers, and staff return to their respective workplaces and put to use new skills and knowledge acquired from their training. Upon their departure, participants are better equipped to serve and lead those who elected or appointed them.

When not in class, attendees are encouraged to reflect on their experiences and share ideas with other participants. The camaraderie established with fellow members from the United States and Canada is also a valuable resource and provides ongoing support beyond the classroom.

For class schedules, see the list below or visit For more criteria for enrollment in your local, contact the President of your local.

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