2020 eo assistance program

NFFE Locals are currently facing unprecedented hardship due to the recent implementation of President Trump’s Executive Orders (“EOs”).

In addition to fighting the EOs at the national level, NFFE is looking to help wherever it can.  To help us allocate resources as efficiently as possible, we have developed a 2020 Executive Order Assistance Program aimed at mitigating the impacts of the EOs on locals. This program provides individualized support that will allow a Local to continue to conduct business and retain membership. This assistance includes:

  • providing increased representational assistance wherever possible,
  • access to resources and successful strategies to mitigate EO impact,
  • access to national union staff who will work with a Local collaboratively to identify challenges and help developed personalized solutions,
  • identifying alternatives for affordable equipment and low-cost office space or storage,
  • negotiating or providing legal review of space agreements, and
  • in some cases, providing modest short-term financial assistance in the form of a grant.